• Lance Armstrong is a Disgrace

    Not only should Lance Armstrong cooperate with the USADA, he should out as many of his colleagues as possible. If Armstrong does down in flames, so should anyone else he knows who juiced and used PEDs in the sport of professional cycling. Armstrong has nothing else to lose, so why not take down some people with him?

  • Yes, he broke the rules.

    Yes, Lance Armstrong should cooperate with the USADA, because he is guilty of doping. Lance Armstrong accepted accolades, knowing all along that he was guilty of doping. He did not deserve his awards. He should cooperate with the USADA, because that is the only way to pay for what he did.

  • Lance Armstrong Cooperation

    Without a doubt, Lance Armstrong should have cooperated with the USADA from the beginning. Instead he lied about his doping and cheating in cycling, which created a big fiasco. He should have come clean immediately and admitted his wrongdoing. Unfortunately, he's now as disgraced as an athlete can possibly become.

  • He should do something positive for a change.

    Lance Armstrong has nothing to lose by cooperating with the USADA. Armstrong is a known cheater, he used the drugs, he tried to be more than his athletic ability allowed him to be, and he got caught. He's done damage to the sport of cycling. The least he can do is repair it by acting as an agent of positive change instead.

  • Yes he shoud

    Lance Armstrong has lost the respect of almost everyone who was once behind him. He made a mockery of the USA and he threw everyone under the bus to say he did not use steroids for his Tour de France wins. This was unbelievably wrong and the least he could do is cooperate with the USADA.

  • Yes, Lance Armstrong should cooperate with the USADA.

    Lance Armstrong should cooperate with the USADA because the "cat is out of the bag", as the saying goes. Everyone knows that he took performance enhancing drugs. Hopefully, his cooperation will help others to break the cycle of silence and lies, as well as "clean up" the athletic training industry for up-and-coming athletes.

  • Yes, he should cooperate.

    First he was caught, and denied everything. Then he tried to explain the positive drug test with ever wilder accusations, then with stony silence, and finally with an admission of guilt. The only way for him to turn this into a positive experience is to cooperate with the USADA so they can get a better idea what really happened, and formulate a strategy to finally get drugs out of sports like cycling where it's almost expected that someone will encounter them, if not use them.

  • Yes, Lance Armstrong should cooperate with the USADA

    Lance Armstrong, as a confessed cheater, should oblige to any request given by the government, USADA, or anyone who purchased a Livestrong product or donated to his fund. I know that Armstrong donated a ton of money to cancer research and helped the race towards cancer more than any other celebrity, but he lied to billions of people. Cooperating with officials should be no problem because some believe he should give back all the money and accolades he received from racing.

  • Yes, at this point he hurts himself more by refusing

    Lance has been caught using banned substances. After years of denying that he did, stating that the tests were wrong, that he was framed, that he was persecuted, giving any reason he could, he has now admitted that he did, in fact, use the banned substances. The only way forward for him now is to be as honest as he can, and to help the USADA as they try to piece together what happened in the past, and try to formulate a strategy to prevent such a problem form occurring in the future.

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