• Yes he should.

    Lance Armstrong should face federal charges as what he did was illegal, and across countries, in a global competition. No athlete no matter who they are should be allowed to use drugs in order to enhance their abilities as a performer, and even though he has suffered, justice should still be seen.

  • If you cheat the federal government then you should face charges

    I believe that Lance Armstrong should face federal charges since he frequently and knowingly lied to the American public as well as the USDA about not using performance-enhancing drugs. Lying is a crime, and it can be argued that he purposely and deceptively mislead the American public, and just because he is a celebrity does not mean that he is above the law. He also accepted monies that he should have to return too.

  • Yes He Should

    I think that Lance Armstrong should face federal charges. He consistently lied to judges in court and won lawsuits under false pretenses That is more than enough reasons for him to face charges. Lock this guy up and throw away the key. He is the scum of the Earth in my opinion.

  • The Charges Were Dropped

    The charges against Lance Armstrong were dropped in February of 2012. I believe it is a good thing that this information got out and it explains how someone with his medical problems could go on to do so well. I think this does a lot for people in similar situations who do not end up performing as well. However, I do not believe it would be fair to resurrect the charges at this point.

  • No I don't think so.

    I don't really understand why athletes sometimes face federal charges for taking performance enhancing drugs. So, no, I don't think Lance Armstrong should face federal charges. I think it should be treated the same as any other drug. I think an athlete should be tested for drugs and if they fail they should be suspended.

  • No, he should lose his medals.

    No, Lance Armstrong should not face federal charges, because it is silly that the U.S. government involves itself in private sports. Lance Armstrong has already lost a great deal of money. He has lost the public's respect and admiration. There is nothing else that the government can do to punish Lance Armstrong. Society has done enough.

  • Lance Armstrong should not face federal charges.

    Although what he did was immoral, it should not be punishable by federal law because the drugs he was taking were not illegal. Also, he did many good things through his organization, Livestrong, so he should not be punished by law. He should, however, be banned from participating in sporting events because he betrayed the trust of many people.

  • What's the point, he's already been punished?

    He's already been stripped of his medals and lost the respect of the world for what he's done. What good will it do society to put him in prison? We can't solve all of our problems by jailing people for everything bad that happens. Now if he raped or murdered somebody, then yes, but all he did was cheat, for which he has already paid.

  • No, he's a crook, but he got away with it.

    He fooled the nation, he fooled other nations, he fooled himself probably, but eventually it caught up to him. He was caught red-handed and had to answer for that. I don't believe that him answering for that in court will solve anything. He's not allowed to race again, and has been stripped of all his prestige and dignity. What more can you take from a man? His money, his freedom? He's already had the worst done to him.

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