• Yes he should.

    I think that whatever prize money Lance Armstrong received from the Tour de France, or any other competitions he has won, should be paid back. This would send a strong message that taking performance enhancing drugs comes with a cost. He probably wouldn't have won without the drugs and he shouldn't have the money.

  • Lance Armstrong should pay back his prize money

    Lance Armstrong should be required to return the prize money he dishonestly accepted when he won races by using performance enhancing drugs. As part of the penalties he incurs it should be expected he returns the prize money to the distributors of the money. His titles should be stripped also and his motivational books should be placed in the fiction sections of the libraries which carry them.
    He used banned substances to increase his edge and only beat other racers because he cheated. He does not deserve to keep the money he won cheating.

  • Yes, it is ill gotten goods.

    Lance Armstrong cheated to win that prize money. He has enjoyed that money and a lot of other money he made because of it. He has enjoyed the acclaim and the admiration of people around the world that was not deserved. The people who honestly competed against him were deprived of a chance that they would have earned on their own merits. Where are those people today, and what might they have done if they had won? Lance Armstrong should be stripped of everything.

  • Yes He Should

    Lance Armstrong should have to give that money back. He cheated to win that money and that is just wrong. He cheated not only the hostess of the races he was in, but he cheated the entire sport. I don't care how long ago it was. He does not deserve that money.

  • Contest officials are responsible to validate contestant eligibility.

    Contest officials are accountable for determining contestant eligibility. If contests in which Lance Armstrong participated did not take reasonable action to validate his eligibility, then they were negligent and Armstrong is not obligated to return any of the winnings he received as a result of his participation. Rather, competitions should be more consistent in testing for athlete doping.

  • There's probably nothing left to recoup.

    What's done is done. Lance Armstrong cheated and we got more justice than most sports ever get, in that he is no longer considered the winner of those French Open events. It's unlikely that any meaningful amount of the prize money can be recovered at this point, anyway. We've already ruined the man, there's no need to go back and keep kicking him.

  • Lance Armstrong should not have to pay back his prize money.

    Lance Armstrong should not have to pay back his prize money. He earned this money through hard work whether he was doping or not. To punish him now after the fact would not be fair to him or the sport. I think if it was an issue then we should have stopped him before he was racing.

  • Lance should get to keep his prize money because so much time has passed, and his performance-enhancing drug habit wasn't detected.

    Better drug testing should of been in place to catch substances that were prohibited. Since Lance slipped through the cracks, he should be able to keep his prize money. It's ridiculous that all of this time has passed and he is just now being punished for taking a substance that was frowned upon.

  • Not plausible

    For that to be justified cycling would have to prove he was the only one doping when he won, something anybody that cares about cycling will tell you would be impossible. He's been crippled enough by losing all his endorsements and having his name ruined, this isn't a needed action to be taken.

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