Should lands that originally belonged to Prussia be returned to modern-day Germany?

  • May the black eagle fly over Königsberg!

    Nothing can stop the true Prussian from moving back. They should receive East Brandenburg, East Prussia, Posen, Silesia, and Pomerania. I think the Poles should keep Danzig, and Bavaria should be given to them for compensation. Who needs the filthy Bavarians any way, this way it would just be much more fair.

  • YES! Prussia should be brought back!

    There was no reason Prussia should have been dissolved after World War I. It was not Prussia's fault that the Axis Powers lost the first world war. Prussia was already weakening and the Allies decided to destroy the country once and for all. Prussia should be brought back as a full country.

  • Stolen by the Russians and the Poles.

    When ww1 started it was because of Austria Hungary and Serbia, NOT GERMANY! After ww1 and the treaty of Versailles the Germans felt like french people could go to there capital and slap them across the face, didn't happen but that's what it felt like. And when ww2 started they felt like they wanted there land back yes the Germans were at fault but the unfairness of the treaty of Versailles led them to these actions. I believe that Germany should have there land back and have the United Kingdom and France apologize for the Treaty of Versailles.

  • Yes—but Poland needs compensation

    I will describe all the territories which should be annexed to Germany: Alsace (including the town of Beffert (Belfort)), historical Lorraine (including Nanzig, Metz, Tull, Straßburg, Kolmar, etc.), German Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria (w/o Burgenland, which should be returned to Hungary), Austrian silesia, the Sudetenland, Lower Carinthia and Lower Styria, Kanaltal/Tarvis, South Tirol, North Schleswig, Luxemburg, Eupen-Malmedy (Eupen-Malmünd), Arelerland (the area around Arel/Arlon), and all former eastern territories of the German Empire. In exchange for this Poland should receive Ukraine (minus Transcarpathia, Northern Bukovina and Ukrainian Budjak), plus historically-Ukrainian-speaking portions of Russia, Lithuania (minus Memelland, which would go to Germany), Belarus, and all parts of Russia formerly part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and/or Poland-Lithuania. Then I hope and pray that the border between these two states will be a solid as the border between Scotland and England, and only change when either Poland (now Poland-Lithuania-Ruthenia) or Germany ceases the exist. I do not understand why nations such as Britain aren’t raped territorially, but Germany, the Baltics, Finland, Poland, etc. are. To take cities like Breslau, Königsberg, Stettin, Danzig, Posen, which had at the very least a substantial German population (if not being German-ruled) for centuries upon centuries away from Germany would be akin to taking Malmö away from Sweden because it once belonged to Denmark or taking Sapporo away from Japan because it was once ruled by the Ainu, etc.. I would like to make it very clear however, that Germany should never be allowed to take Polish cities such as Kraków, Warszawa, Łódź, etc. for any reason.

  • Help me reinstate it.

    There was absolutely no reason Prussia should've disappeared. A great country just wiped off the maps is unacceptable. This is a country of my ancestors. Therefore I want to bring it back. If there is anyone out there who wants to help me, I will take you. We will undo the injustice.

  • Prussia should definetely be reinstated

    This is the country of my ancestors we're talking about. There was absolutely no reason it should've disappeared. If anyone would like to help me reinstate the Kingdom of Prussia, please join me and help me. I am willing to take anyone willing to help me with this. FOR PRUSSIA!!

  • The Morally Right Thing To Do

    This was historically German territory for many centuries, the cities were founded by Germans and were only vacated at the point of a gun and by extermination. The victors after the war gave the land to Poland, Lithuania and the Russia. The Russians allied themselves with the Nazi's under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and stole territory that they themselves had captured illegally before Operation Barbarossa. These are the same territories that they received after the war, plus East Prussia. It is a national disgrace that Russia benefited from the war and was able to steal land that did not belong to them, by forcibly expelling and exterminating the local populations. The German borders of pre-1914 should be restored and the lands of eastern Poland, Finland and the Baltic states must be returned as well. It is a moral obligation, so nations like Russia don't think that aggression can go unpunished and benefit from it, like in Crimea right now.

  • Its rightfully german clay!

    The germans were forced out after ww2 it was german all along!! Poland and russia ( soviet union) stole the rifghtful lands. The poles had no right to take it. Originally all of modern day east europe was germanic but then the germanics fled. The poles took the new freed land and lived their for a while until germans retook it during the middle ages.

  • Germany was carved up like a turkey by the allied and axis powers.

    Ever since the signing of the 2+4 treaty Europe was a mess the Russians held on to Kaliningrad some how and it does not make sense to keep it. Poland and Lithuania have both bad intentions for it yet the Russian population does not want a liberal government which I understand or for now it could be independent. Well only time will tell.

  • It's only fair.

    Germany has had been sliced and given out like a sponge by (((financiers))) on two historically recent occasions through no fault of her own. I will say that again. No fault of her own. These people (similar to the people that handed over Palestine) had no right to do this other than victors greed. We have been force fed tautologous history now and the masses now are so myopic that is absurdly difficult to combat.

  • I don't think so if my facts or correct.

    I could be wrong but the Prussia lands are now part of Russia and Poland. I think we worry to much of the past for these types of issues. If there were Germans living in these lands today it'd be a different story. From what I understand there are Russians that have been born and raised in there section and theirs Pollsih people born and raised in there section and all the Germans fled. So in my opinion its up to the people who are born and lie in the area no matter how there ancestors wronged anyone and vice versa.

  • Is this really a good idea for the people who live there?

    Right, wrong, or indifferent, it's part of Poland now. Infrastructure, economy, government, money, etc. are now for better or worse, based on the Polish model and Polish traditions. Think about it: If you lived there and your children were in school, how would you feel if your kids were suddenly told they have to start learning in German instead of Polish? Then, you have to get into the business of resettling Poles elsewhere, and convincing Germans to move there. Not worth the effort, in my opinion.

  • I have nothing to say

    I just think the lands shouldn't be returned to Germany, because some other country might start s*** and be all like "Those lands belong to me" and yeah. I also want Prussia to rise again, so that wouldn't really work out. I feel like Prussia didn't have a fair game.

  • You asking about originally Polish land which was occupied by Germany?

    All that land is basically heart of Poland. Land which Prussia claim as their, was given to Crusaders by polish prince Mazowiecki when this crusaders retreat from Palestine. German crusaders betray their Polish friends and together with their main holy roman empire start war against Poland. During that times they grow up and took multiple orginally Polish land and started long occupation. To add I wish that Germans will also give back Poland land which they name "east Germany".

  • No more Prussia for Germany

    First of all Germany lost the war. One of the reasons they annexed it is the same reason for Crimea, warm water port. Sadly it is no longer connected to Russia. Also when the soviets came they kicked all the Germans out and moved Russians in. I feel the Russians had a right as well because the Germans killed 25 million Soviets.

  • Lands that once belonged to Prussia should not be given to Germany.

    The issue surrounding Prussia being returned to modern day Germany was resolved at the end of a conflict called World War II. The Germans lost and had to surrender this land to Soviet control. It would be like arguing that Mexico should be able to reclaim California and Texas from the United States. It has already been legally resolved.

  • Expelled ethnic-German individuals should be able to reclaim their taken lands, but political transfer is not practical.

    Following the Second World War millions of German civilians were expelled from their homes east of the Oder river. Many were brutalized or murdered in the process. This was clearly a gross injustice and violation of human rights, what would be called 'ethnic cleansing' today. The expelled Germans and their descendants should be able to reclaim their stolen lands as individuals, but political transfer of territory back to Germany would be impractical at this point. The only exception would maybe be cultural treasures such as historic castles or churches significant to the German nation. These buildings could be transferred to Germany and act as cultural and historical embassies. The political return of all of eastern Prussia to Germany however is not feasible.

  • It is good

    No, I do not think that they need to change any of the territories boundaries that are set in Europe. They have been the same for a long time now, and any changes will just confuse everyone and mess up the order that they have finally gotten back in the region.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe lands that originally belonged to Prussia should be returned to modern-day Germany. Lines created by countries are artificial and have changed time and again over history for many and varying reasons. There is no reason to change the current lines based on something in the past.

  • We can't go back completely.

    No, lands that originally belonged to Prussia should not be returned to modern-day Germany, because it not practical to try to return lands to their original owners. Who owned the land before Prussia? Why would Prussia's claim to it be greater than those who came before them? We have to draw a line in the sand and move forward.

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