• Yes, large cities should adopt policies that make the last mile issue more efficient.

    When dealing with larger cities, it is only logical that there will be more people using the transportation system in which their means of data are being transferred over. If large cities don't adopt policies to make it more efficient for people to get their data then it can become a problem.

  • Help the people

    Yes, i think that large cities should adopt these policies, so that people coming into or out of the cities will have an easier time traveling. This will make their cities look better, and cause a lot less wreck and other things in their cities. These policies will help out a lot.

  • Yes, cities should adopt policies makeing the "last mile' transportation issue mroe efficient.

    Yes, cities should adopt policies making the "last mile' transportation issue more efficient because of its benefit to both the environment as well as people. The "last mile" refers to the small commute a person might undertake after a major transport. The concept of bicycle sharing is can fall under the "last mile" and which will also improve infrastructure because it will alter the transportation layout.

  • Adopt new policies.

    Large cities should adopt policies that make the 'last mile' transportation issue more efficient. This is because cities use so much in public tax money for public transit and infrastructure to function. We need our cities to be more efficient, and the "last mile" issue is very much relevant here.

  • Yes of course

    Just because it's the end of the line doesn't mean it should be less kept and less efficient and less looked after. The last mile is just as important as any other stop for both people and goods, and there is no reason these place should be so run down and in ruin.

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