Should large cities with public transportation systems get rid of cars and force people to walk, bike, or use public transportation?

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  • Only thing that makes sense.

    Without cars demand for public transport would increase therefore availability and quality of service would also increase, in part, due to competition. Of course taxis would still be allowed. Overall health of citizens would increase and cycling would be a lot safer. Less road traffic accidents, noise and pollution. Everyone wins.

  • Yes, The Future cities need to.

    Cities are becoming more and more crowed. And billions are spent on maintaining automotive infrastructure. Cars are an old technology. Even switching to electric cars would leave the massive spending and traffic issues. The idea of a city needs to be rethought from the ground up with public transportation. Cities that lag behind will be seen as backwards, dirty, and problematic.

  • Keep the Cars!

    Cars should be kept because what about the ambulances,fire trucks and police cars?They won't be able to get to the hospital, a burning house and they won't be able to catch criminals!
    That's why I tghink cars should be kept in our streets,
    Thankyou, my name is Meg beep jeep.

  • No, large cities should not force people to get rid of cars.

    While it may be better for the environment, taking away the right to use a car strikes the very foundation of which the United States was built on. This would take away individual freedom of movement. This would be a denigration of our rights as citizen's of the United States.

  • No, the insularity that this would create would not be acceptable to a population.

    For a city to demand that all citizens get ride of all cars would be to force isolation on a city's citizens. There really is no way for a city to legitimately expect none of its citizens to not have some sort of personal transportation. Why would anyone move to a city that makes it impossible to move away from.

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