• We must increase salaries for employees

    There is a huge gap of wealth between the rich and the 99%. This is definitely a large problem and to eliminate poverty wages need to greatly increase for the working class. Also If CEOS of large corporations were to significantly increase the wages of there workers they would still make significant profits. In some indrestyes they could triple the wages of employs and still make large profits like in soda factories razor manufatuares and more witch sometimes make more that 1000% profits

  • Wage Hike Necessary

    Large companies have a huge name and most of the time a work culture to rave about. Employees benefit a lot from the "name" of the company they work for in terms of getting discounts like for auto or land purchase. But what can keep employees really motivated is the increase in salaries on an annual basis based on the work that they have delivered over the year. This keeps the motivation high and employees want to deliver their best for the company.

  • Large companies should increase employee salaries to keep up with the higher cost of living

    Yes, large companies should increase employee salaries when productivity is high and profits are earned. Employees will feel that they are valued; they will work harder and want to remain with the company long-term.. An occasional salary review is part of the employment process. If a company cannot increase salaries because of budget constraints, then the company should think about offering bonuses for productive workers or expanding the company benefit program.

  • This is crazy!

    No! They should not! This is the same pattern that caused the great depression! If you raise the wages, the companies "let go" of workers to be able to continue! Then the unemployment rate goes up and so the government says, "no firing people!" and then the whole company goes under! DEPRESSION!!! NO EMPLOYMENT!!!! This is a terrible idea! If you want more money than get a better job, or work another! My dad goes to the office at 7 and gets back at 6:30! If you want the cash, whining doesn't help!

  • Salaries should be based on merit

    I don't believe a company should give salary increases simply based on the size of the company. There are many other things to take into consideration, such as, how did the company perform the last few quarters? Did the individual employees perform outstandingly to earn merit pay and/or bonus pay? I think it is a dangerous precedence to expect companies to just give money away simply because they can. The solvency of a company for years to come is of paramount importance. They have to maintain moral through merit pay, while at the same time positioning themselves to take on any slowing down of company growth.

  • Large companies should not increase employee salaries

    Salaries are a factor of what value an employee brings to the job. In many industries profit margins are razor thin, in spite of some perceived view that profits might be excessive. The oil and gas industry is a prime example. While everyone would like a higher wage, it is up to the business to decide whether an employee has made a case for it.

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