• They operate on a large scale.

    Yes, large corporations should be granted statehood status by Congress, because of the scale on which they operate. Corporations often have the business of a city, or even a small country. Statehood status would make it much more convenient for these corporations to conduct their own affairs, and maximize positive impact in the community.

  • No, of course not.

    A corporation is a business entity, a company with shareholders. It is not a person and it is not a state. Therefore it should never be granted statehood status by Congress, no matter how large it is. We have really gone crazy listening to the demands of wealthy big business in its desire to control politics.

  • For The People By The People

    Absolutely not. Large corporations should not be granted statehood status by the Congress. Corporations and business are separate from the government and I personally believe they've been interfering far too much and for far too long. I believe corporations and their lobbyists should get out of Congress and stop trying to sway things in their favor. This country is suppose to be for the people, by the people, but it's starting to feel like the government walked away from the people a long time ago.

  • No, they are people, that is enough.

    No, large corporations should not be granted statehood status by Congress, because they have already been given the right to unlimited free speech. There is no need to allow corporations to be states, because that would be the government picking winners and losers, also known as fascism. Corporations should just exist as entities.

  • Large corporations should not be granted statehood status by Congress.

    Large corporations are not states and they should not be treated as such. The duties of a state are fundamentally different from those of a for-profit company. Although large corporations are very rich and powerful, they cannot fulfill many of the services which states would have to grant to their citizens.

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