Should larger corporations be permitted breaks on charges for providing information to authorities?

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  • Yes, I believe they should.

    If individuals are allowed to have breaks on charges for an exchange of information I don't see why corporations would be any different. In each case the pros and cons should be weighed and they should only be offered breaks if the information is useful and helps to stop wrong doing in whatever organization they are offering information on.

  • No, larger corporations should not be given breaks on charges.

    It is not just to hold certain people or entities to a standard separate from others. Allowing such privilege is dangerous to a democracy. When a democratic government caters to larger companies, the smaller companies that are not given privilege stand a greater chance of failure. This creates an environment that is more conducive to being controlled by a few large corporations, instead of being controlled by the people and their interests.

  • Corruption of Public Services

    For example in America, no, they should not receive breaks. I feel that if you commit the crime, you do the time. A good 'ole fashion shakedown always flushes the rats out, but anyone will inform under duress. You take away a mans water and right to sleep for 24 hours in a concrete room; he will inform you of a lot of things he didn't even know.

  • Corporations are becoming too much like humans

    Corporations should not be permitted breaks. The laws treating corporations as humans have gone too far. The size and shared intelligence of corporations should require they be held to a higher standard. Actions by corporations are often capable of negatively impacting a larger audience.If no breaks were possible, there would be incentive to stay within the limits of the law.

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