Should larger passengers have to pay for two plane or movie theater tickets?

  • Its uncomfortable for others

    Ideally, airlines should accomodate for obese people by providing a variety of seat sizes, especially if we are going to argue that its due to medical conditions. I get that its offensive but the solution to this is not to force yourself into a small seat and overflow into the person seated next to you. As a teeny petite person I find myself constantly in a face-in- sideboob situation which is highly unpleasNt for me. Ive also heard of people suffering from pinched nerves after being squeezed underneath a fat person. We get that it may not be your fault but you need to acknowledge your body size and take responsibility. Dont expect others to suffer because of you.

  • It makes sense

    Larger people tend to have their fat spilling over the sides of their seat. Which means they take up their seat and a portion of the seats beside them. That's two seats, and they pay for one seat although they're occupying two?!
    It doesn't make sense. They occupy two seats, they pay for two seats. Simple as that

  • It makes perfect sense

    I think it's perfectly fine to do this. For one, we are purchasing a ticket for ONE SEAT, not per person. If someone takes up more than one seat, it's only logical to charge them for two. How would you feel if you had someone's blubber smushing into you on an 8 hour flight, or were constantly groped by body fat while trying to enjoy a film you spent your hard-earned cash on? Pretty crappy I'd say. Another thing we can't overlook is the profit margin. If half the plane or theater was made up of 'two seaters' that couldn't fit in one seat, the money received by airlines and movie theaters would decrease already, as if money wasn't a problem as it is. The way I see it, this should have come into play much sooner.

  • Safety as well as comfort

    As well as the comfort aspect mentioned many times in the previous comments there is also the issue of safety. If the person is so large that they cannot put the armrest down they are not only endangering themselves but also the people in the window and middle seats. Paying for 2 seats wouldn't directly solve the problem but it would minimise this.

    Also for all those people saying "it's not their fault" this is definitely not always the case.

  • Uncomfortable People Can be

    It can be uncomfortable for the people that are next to you. Would you like it if u had no room on a plane or movie threader. If people have they will complain and get mad that they didn't have any room the sit and be comfortable. That is what i think about people needing to buy 2 seats if they are obese.

  • Two tickets are needed

    I believe obese passenger should pay for two airline tickets if they take up two seats. It is unfair to the people besides then paying for one seat, and only got half the space.
    It is no one’s fault that they are obese, but they still are, you can just give them more comfort went the person stole the others spaces.
    Also the airline burns fuel, the heavier you are, the more fuel the airplane is going to burn, the fuel that airplanes use is called aviation gasoline, it costs many times that normal gasoline, and it is also a part of natural resource.
    So if you are obese and weight twice, then you should pay twice. It is like when you went to a restaurant, and bought two meals, you pay twice because you got twice.

    Posted by: frf
  • If one person takes up more than one seat than they should pay for two

    Yes, I believe if your body takes up more than one seat you should be required to pay for two seats because that is what you are taking up. Granted, I think that this should be dependent on whether there are open seats still available or if there are no seats available and someone wishes to purchase a seat. It is unfair to another person that fits in their seat and is being overrun by the person next to them because they are too big to fit in their own seat.

  • Uncomfortable for others

    Oversized passengers on planes should have to pay for two seats instead of one. If an overweight passenger thinks that it is unfair for them to have to pay for an extra ticket then they obviously do not know how unfair it is for a person in the seat next to them to feel uncomfortable since they have to deal with an overweight person practically sitting on them and taking there seat. For everyone to be comfortable a larger person should buy the extra seat just so they know in there mind that they if are not making another passenger uncomfortable. The plane tickets may not be cheep but the outcome is way better. A larger passenger can try to lose weight. If they do not want to pay for an extra seat then they should try and lose some of the weight so it is there own fault. Even though planes have seat that 1 seat fits all then if majority of the plane is overweight and they have limited number of 1 fits all seats then they are going to have buy the extra seat to be comfortable. If a larger passenger goes up to buy a ticket and they are told that they need to buy two it may be hurtful but, they are just trying to make the ride more enjoyable for the larger passengers and the other passengers. So the point is that a larger passenger should just pay for the extra ticket and understand why they bought two. In the end everyone on the ride will be much more happier.

  • You should pay for what you get

    If I were try to send an additional 100lb of stuff with me on a flight, at a below average weight, i would still be contributing a near equivalent portion of mass to the plane as an individual who is overweight and has with them a standard bag. If we both are moving 300lb of material, for example (totaling body weight and luggage), we should pay an equal price of its transportation. As for seat occupation, there could be other options that provide more space that would then accommodate the extra space that they occupy, like... Maybe... First class?

  • There are certain situations

    If you take up the mass of 2 or more seats, but you try to squeeze into one, there are obviously gonna be problems. I'm sorry but facts shouldn't hurt your feelings. If you're much larger than one seat then it is what it is. It doesn't mean you have less value as a person or that you deserved to be shamed. It means you take up more than one seat of space.

  • This is just stupid!

    If you are stupid enough to actually post something like this, then you need help my friend. This topic discriminates against "fat" people. No they should not have to pay for an extra seat or an extra ticket! Why would you even say (type) this. I myself am "fat" but I don't have to pay for an extra seat or whatever, and I NEVER will!

  • I disagree with this rule

    You need a wider seats in planes, theaters and even chairs for obese people to sit on. What about the wheelchair on the plane, movie theater, school, or any other places to go? Do not pay for 2 seats. It's not fair to make up this rule. My aunt is possibly obese and she didn't have to deal with paying 2 seats. Why can't you just make the seats wider for planes, theaters, and chairs from chair companies?

  • It's not there fault there overweight, and they shouldn't have to pay for it.

    Everybody knows that alot of people are obese, but this is sometimes a disease. Should they have to pay for something they didn't do? I think not. That would defenatly be hard for those people who have to pay for pills for thair disease, and doing 2 seats would be more than they can afford.

  • Its offensive and just rude.

    Imagine having someone say 14 dollars please and you know that movie tickets are only 7 dollars! People that are a little bigger than you have to pay twice as much as you and they might only weight a few more pounds than you that would just be so mean and rude its just sad to see some one over weight.I'm saying NO!!

  • Its flat out discrimination.

    Its unfair to charge someone more more money because of there weight its like charging someone more money cause there black, aisan, native American. Its flat out discrimination. Its completely unfair to be charged extra money for something some people can not control. Charging people more money for a seat on a plane or movie is stupid and wrong!

  • Make new chairs

    People would feel bad, because of their weight. Why don't the planes make bigger seat belts? Why don't the theaters make bigger seats? You don't need to judge them or isolate them from other people that might be smaller than them. If you think they should I hate you!!!!!!! LmL

  • How would that make them feel?

    What if they made skinny people buy half a seat? Honestly I'm pretty sure that doesn't make them feel good and that is wayyy to much money to have to be paying. Before we judge others we can judge ourselves. This could be a much nicer world if people made it that.

  • People are rude

    You don't need to rub it in there face may be it is there first time going out of the house and they don't need to be harassed and be called something rude. There humans to and they have feelings. Just because they are different doesn't mean they have to be harassed

  • This just isn't right!!!

    Just because you are overweight and may have some weight problems doesn't mean that you need to pay twice as much! People have their own individual problems that you probably haven't even heard of! You need to be supportive of these people because they might have a disability, my bus driver was judged because he was overweight and no-one even wanted to try and help. Just be nice to them for once and appreciate that they world isn't filled with skinny people who need to be perfect for paparazzi! You are you and that's all you need to be.

  • You wouldn't like it someone told you should buy two tickets because of your weight

    If you were overweight and someone told you you had to buy two tickets because of their weight and you wouldn't want to spend more money because maybe someone bullied you and food was your safety and it wasn't your fault that you felt safer when you got bullied with food around

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