Should late stage abortion be legal if a mother finds out she is carrying conjoined twins?

  • Abortion would prevent a lot of pain in this case

    Late-stage abortion should be legal if a mother finds out she is carrying conjoined twins. Bringing babies into the world that will have severe deformities and debilitating health issues will produce pain and severe financial stress for mother, father, and children. It is best to prevent this from happening if possible.

  • Its her choice

    Every person is complete master of their own body when they are in a sane state of mind and not committing illegal activities, and if a woman finds out she has conjoined twins that would not survive long, or would lead to a dangerous pregnancy, then she should have the choice.

  • Mother's Womb, Mother's Choice

    It's the mother's choice whether or not she wants to carry the babies to term. If she doesn't want conjoined twins, that is her choice to abort the babies. Late-stage abortions are generally not good and banned in many states. Yet the mother should be able to have the procedure done if she feels her children will be maladjusted to life outside the womb.

  • Abortion should never be legal

    Abortion is murder no matter what stage she is in. People say the baby has no feeling and it is not even a baby till after it is born, but a baby is a baby. It has a soul as soon as it is created. I baby still feeds. Anyways getting to the point. A mother shouldn't just find out she has conjoined twins in the late stage of her pregnancy because there are ultrasounds that can see the baby or babies in your stomach and can mostly see is the baby is physically healthy. There is no reason a mother just finds out her twins are conjoined in a late pregnancy unless she wasn't responsible and didn't get her normal ultrasounds.

  • Late stage abortions are too late.

    The only reason a mother may not know if she has conjoined twins until the third trimester is if she has not been responsible enough to seek medical attention until then. Identification of conjoined twins is a fairly simple ultrasound reading if done correctly, and can be done so before the third trimester. Extending Rowe/Wade is not necessary.

  • This is killing a formed child

    No, I do not believe that it should be legal for a late stage abortion if there is proof that the children are conjoined twins. In today's world conjoined twins can live normal lives. In most cases depending on the place and what is connected they may be able to be separated and move on as regular twins with little to no complications.

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