• Yes, Latin should be mandatory

    Latin is a hard language, But it is the best way to help us to get prepared for other languages. When we study latin, The main goal is not to learn how to speak latin or write a book in latin. No one speaks it anymore. The main goal is to get a better understanding of languages and to turn our mindsets into a better status to learn new languages. Latin as a hard language is the most effective tool to develop and train us the skills of learning a new language. Latin provides us more information than just latin itself. It is a learning system that can help us to learn other subjects. Once you learned the system, You can think systemically of what to do next, Or how should I review this new grammer. For example, I had studied english when I was in kindergarten and throughout the rest of my life. It had made me a better at learning a new language. So now when I study latin, It will be easier for me because I have a better mindset than everybody else who have not learned a second language.

  • No, I don't think Latin should be required for all high school students.

    Latin is not a widely used language anywhere in the world currently so I don't see why it would be necessary to make it a requirement for high schoolers. I think it should be offered as an option for those who willing want to learn more about it and that is fine but I don't think it should be required.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that all of the high school students here need to know how to speak latin. i do not think that it is going to end up helping them at all, and i do not think that they will want to learn it since its hard.

  • A dead language

    Latin is a dead language, and those who wish to choose to study it should learn it later at the university level. The high school and middle school levels should invest more time in a more valuable second language more widely spoken around the world so Americans can become bilingual.

  • No, Latin is a dead language that shouldn't be required learning

    Although Latin holds an important role since it is prominent in science and strongly influences modern languages, it is a dead language that should not be required learning. In today's global economy, it is wiser to invest time and energy teaching prominent and burgeoning foreign languages, such as Chinese, to high school students.

  • No, Latin should not be required for all high school students.

    I do not think that high school students should have to learn Latin. First of all, it is a dead language. So there would be no benefit for students to learn it. I do think that if students want to learn it, there should be classes for it as a selective.

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