• I think that Latin should be included in high school class options.

    Perhaps not as a required course, but if they take the time to explain Latin roots and such, maybe it shouldn't be a dead language. I for one would be very interested in learning Latin as a third language. I take Spanish, and since both English and Spanish were influenced by Latin, maybe it should be offered, as a "yay, this thing helped" sort of thing.

  • Why not boost student's SAT/ACT scores

    I've been taking Latin since 4th grade, and for 3 years at the high school level (other languages I have briefly taken are French, Spanish and ASL). I can figure out the rough definition of practically any word. This helps me perform very well on the Reading/Writing section of the ACT/SAT. Most English words have Latin roots or prefixes; if you've studied Latin, you'll probably be able to guess the right definition or pick the right synonym.

  • Yes, Latin should be in high schools

    Yes, Latin has its place in high schools. Although it is a dead language, its significance for the western civilization is paramount. Latin is the source of many common languages, it was used in science and philosophy and it is still being used by Roman Catholic church. To learn Latin, is to learn about history.

  • Of course it should

    Latin is the root for many languages that originate from Europe, and since (most) kids in American high schools speak English, this could provide them extra help and reinforcement in their English class. Besides, Latin is a really cool, and interesting language, however, it is dead, and no country speaks it.

  • Yes, Latin is useful.

    Latin should be given as an option for a high school language course because so many other languages are based on Latin. Even if the student never uses Latin in conversation, their understanding of Latin roots and grammar will help them master other Latinate languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, and Portugese, as well as give them a better understanding of Latin-based English words.

  • Yes, Latin should be taught in high schools.

    Yes, Latin should be taught in high schools because it helps students understand the root words of the English language. By learning Latin, a student will better understand his or her own language. It will help craft sentences more carefully and will aid in developing communication skills. It is a very important subject.

  • It is not practical

    Our education system should be teaching children skills that they will actually use in the real world which is why I think that Spanish is the only language that should be taught in public schools. I would like to hear one former Latin student name 3 instances where they used knowledge that they would not have learned anywhere else but their latin class/

  • Latin is a dead language.

    I do think there is value in learning a new language. It is value and it helps reach across barriers. This, however, is not the language to learn. Sure the root words are very useful in knowing medical terminology or scientific names but no one speaks the language anymore. I think that learning a different language should be one that is not a dead language.

  • No, Latin should belong to history

    Civilizations come and go, and each civilization came with its own language. This is the era of Western civilization, with English as its major language. Many futurists project however, that Mandarin may be the future language when the world changes to Far Eastern civilization. Already, many developing countries have started teaching Mandarin not only in high schools but in foundation years in primary schools.

    No, I think Latin should not be taught in schools. It belongs to history.

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