• Latin is coming back!

    Many languages are being taught worldwide, why not make Latin an optional choice in schools. Latin, being the basis for many languages, makes it easier to learn other romance languages. It's quite enjoyable to be learning a new language and being able to make connections to the very much alive language.

  • It would help people understand science.

    Think about it, "scientific names" are (mostly) in Latin. If children understood Latin, they would have an easier time understanding science and the medical feild. Perhaps they would be able to understand artifacts from the past (historical).
    Latin needs to be brought back. While English is the new "universial language," not every thing from the past meeds to stay in the past.

  • It's enjoyable while being helpful

    Latin is helpful in many ways for example students who take Latin tend to have higher SAT scores, Latin also can increase a students vocabulary as a result of learning Latin derived words in English. In addition if you've received a basic education in Latin it is easier to learn all other Romance languages.

  • Latin is a dead language.

    Do I support Latin and recognize that it has an important impact on science and history. Of course! However, Latin should not be taught in schools. With everything else that students are going through to prepare for college, this should not be added to impede that. Those students who work hard will be needlessly burdened, while slackers will not even bother to care for the class. Maybe instead of learning Latin, some Latin roots and prefixes can be taught through science class. However, learning the language as a whole is unnecessary.

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