Should Latinos and Hispanics be subject to the Job Quota system?

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  • Sounds like something a Scot or Scandinavian would say

    When will this insulting BS stop. Us Hispanics are superior in many ways. We have a great country, culture, very warm and welcoming. We DON'T lynch people unlike some in the Lowlands of Scotland and in Scandinavia. And we're probably the best for the jobs, unlike the Northern European attitude of sense of entitlement.

  • Latinos and Hispanics should not be subject to the Job Quota system.

    Latinos and Hispanics should not be subject to the Job Quota system. They have a right to work and feed their families as well. There should not be any job quota systems out there to begin with. Our economy needs help and the only way to do that is to create more jobs.

  • All racial quota systems are inheritantly discrimnatory and should be banned.

    Neither Hispanic nor any other racial group should ever be subject to a job quota system. Whatever their intention, such systems are inherently discriminatory and racist. All job applicants should be judged solely on their merits and never on their race, sex, or religion. Accordingly, any and all racial quota systems should be banned.

  • It is unfair to everyone.

    No, Latinos and Hispanics should not be subject to the Job Quota system, because it is unfair to everyone involved. A minority that is chosen for something over someone else who is more qualified, will constantly be frowned upon, because people will know they did not deserve their spot. True achievement by minorities should be encouraged, not special breaks.

  • All citizens should be treated equally

    No, there should not be a Job Quota system for any group of people. A person should receive a position based on their knowledge, experience, and qualifications not because they have a certain heritage. It is unfair for those that are qualified and Hispanics that are placed or overlook for a position because of their culture.

  • No this is encouraging racism

    I am strongly opposed to met quotas for minorities. Yes I understand it is trying to help them but iti s also sending racism back 20 years. If you set up quotas you are telling people they have to consider color of skin or nationality. We need to be in a world where the best candidte is hired no matter what nationality or color of skin.

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