Should Latinos be able to work at Asian restaurants?

Asked by: Tiger_BR
  • Yes they should

    They're probably the ones cooking anyways. Who cares if the employees aren't Asian? It may be less authentic but as long as they're good at their job and they cook some good noodles and dumplings and egg roles than it's fine if they work there. Don't not allow someone to work somewhere because they're Hispanic. There will be to much drama. And to many law suits.

  • Depends on what

    If the goal is Asian protectionism, then I agree with them being Asians-only. However, if they're not protectionist, then I think it would be racist to not allow any spefic race entry, based on stereotypical negative traits. I think it all matter on context though. So it makes a difference

  • Latinos should stick to Latino food.

    Asian food and Latino food both provide separate yet not equal cases of diarrhea. Latino food diarrhea will last for hours, whereas Asian food comes in one epic tsunami. While the workers at the restaurant may or may not be a factor for this phenomenon, there is no reason to ruin a good thing.

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