Should law enforcement be required to get a warrant for e-mails?

  • Yes, the 4th Amendment Says So

    The 4th Amendment says that the government can't look at your stuff without a valid warrant. It also says that in order to obtain said valid warrant, the government needs to have a really good reason to suspect you of a crime. The Founding Fathers didn't have emails, but they were smart and able to envision a future where people would want their activities to be private. Sadly, the NSA has violated the 4th Amendment many times.

  • Yes they should require a warrent.

    Law enforcement should be required to get a warrant for access to a persons e-mail just as they need to in order to get into a persons home. E-mails can contain very person and private matters just as a house does and the invasion of that privacy should not be allowed to invaded without proper authentication.

  • Require A Warrent For Emails

    Emails as with any other correspondence is private property, if law enforcement feels there is probable cause to search through some ones email then they should get a search warrant. Electronic communication is more commonplace than ever and should have the same expectations of privacy and property put on it as all things granted by the constitution.

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