Should law enforcement use of cell-site simulators without a warrant be allowed?

  • When you're the one who needs the help

    So... This is just a thought. Everyone is so against this, but no one seems to realize that this can be used in so many different ways. And none of you will realize the good in it until you need it in a case involving yourself. So how about you stop thinking only about yourself and maybe actually try seeing it from another point of view.

  • Yes, but limitedly.

    People often seem to favor putting obstacles in front of law enforcement that prevent them from doing their job. As someone who routinely does not break the law, I often do not find or feel that my rights have been infringed upon as so many others do. However, I realize that many laws are good and exist to protect those who are (generally) innocent citizens. A warrant is one of those good laws. While certain aspects of cell-site simulators are more superficial in terms of the kind of data gathered, some elements of a Stingray pick up data that can only be found by means that would normally require a warrant and paperwork, such as stakeouts or actual search and seizure, to gather the same information.

  • No, it probably should not.

    No, secretive and invasive devices should be looked at with great suspicion and caution. If the police are allowed this, then what's next? To my understanding, the technology involves devices that masquerade as cell phone towers, turning mobile phones into surveillance devices. If this is happening, people need to know! It should not be done in secret. Our protectors need to be transparent about how they go about gathering information. Otherwise, they can too easily become our persecutors and oppressors.

  • The use of cell-site simulators is similar toi wiretapping.

    Law enforcement officials must not be permitted to violate the laws and our rights as citizens in the name of security or any other cause. They should be subject to the same laws and restrictions, regardless of the cause. Warrantless searches are one of the most sacred Constitutional prohibitions, and allowing cell site searches without warrants erodes that protection. I would rather be subjected to terrorism than lose my freedom.

  • No, this should not be allowed.

    Law enforcement should not be allowed to use cell-site simulators without a warrant. The Bill of Rights in the constitution protects Americans from unlawful searches and seizures. Searches without a warrant are illegal. Tracking cell phone data without a warrant is illegal too, because it violates the constitution. Innocent Americans should not have their cell phone records tracked by police.

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