• Yes, law enforcement should be trained to use non-lethal methods.

    Law enforcement officers should be trained in using non-lethal methods to subdue suspects. There are too many police shootings that have injured or killed non-threatening suspects. Training police officers to use non-lethal tactics to take down suspects would ensure that innocent people are not hurt when taken into custody. Furthermore, this could improve relations between the police and many communities too.

  • Yes they should

    Law enforcers should definitely be trained to use non lethal weapons. They are always unfortunately bound to make mistakes in judgment. It is only natural, it's a fact of human nature. But innocent unsuspecting civilians should not have to pay the ultimate price for these mistakes. No one should. It is uncivil.

  • Non lethal methods could help

    Law enforcement officers should have ALL choices presented to them in training. The use of non lethal methods are vital for the training purposes so that if they are confronted and are trained correctly can curb the outrage when presented to them. The use of non lethal methods gives our law enforcement choices between guns/tazers and a more subdued choice without escalating situations.

  • Of course they should.

    Law enforcement officers should use non-lethal methods whenever possible, which is basically at all times. Police are too quick to resort to violence when force isn't necessary, and too quick to use their guns when deadly force isn't necessary. Police should try to defuse the situation rather than escalate a situation.

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