Should lawmakers continue to place businesses ahead of the health of the people concerning greenhouse emission laws?

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  • Lawmakers Need to make Greenhouse Emission Laws

    Lawmakers should not continue to place businesses ahead of the health of the people concerning greenhouse emission laws. Lawmakers around the world should place the health of people and smaller businesses first. Everyone should be responsible for lowering greenhouse gas emissions because global warming is a proven theory and will be devastating to the world as a whole. Businesses should be subject to fines or carbon taxes. American has always been a hub for innovation and companies could evolve to meet the new market.

  • People should come first in greenhouse debate

    Most people, including those in the scientific community, realize that global warming is an issue. This has been attributed largely to human behavior, including the burning of fossil fuels that creates the greenhouse effect. Since business generally is trying to maximize its profits, its interests are not likely to be aligned with more expensive compliance with an environmental law. It is lawmakers that are elected to represent the best interests of the people.

  • Elected officials should be behind their population

    I think the lawmakers and elected officials working for us who place their priorities on businesses before the population are dangerous in the long term. When talking about greenhouse emission, we talk about long term, and businesses are the most polluting, so they should be limited in their rights to greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Lawmakers support the position of the majority

    This question falls apart on two counts. First, it assumes that lawmakers are disproportionately influenced by business interests. Second, it assumes that a clear majority of the American (and Canadian) electorate unambiguously support reductions in emissions at any cost. Firstly, businesses have influence through political donations and PACs, but constituents cast votes. Votes not fund raising determine officeholders. Second, many voters are ideologically opposed to environmental policies. In addition, many centrist voters are concerned that reducing emissions would come at too great a cost to the economy (read jobs). This issue is complex with many concerns playing into voters and lawmakers concerns about the environment. It really is a shame.

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