Should laws be created to specifically protect the interests of celebrities?

  • They are human beings with feelings.

    Celebrities may be professionals and have jobs, but that doesn't give media the right to harass them. They were normal people at one point and they have feelings. Just because they are famous. That doesn't mean it's acceptable to shove a camera in their face every single minute of the day. They should be treated equally just like everyone else under the law. I agree with that but if that's the case, then they shouldn't have to live their life in fear of being this public image everyone cheers on or jeers. They should have the freedom to live and learn without the paparazzi or media getting involved with every single thing.

  • There is no question.

    Celebrities have a ridiculous amount of scrutiny on the not befitting of a healthy person. While up to a high level it is manageable there should at least be celebrity protection in the extreme cases. For people as famous and controversial as Britney Spears and Michael Jackson it is more than reasonable that their sanity was being challenged by the paparazzi's constant bullying and bombardment of their rights to privacy.

    What is most important to remember is that they are people too and people can only be expected to handle so much pressure, lest they break down.

  • Being a celebrated person can create unwanted attention that requires specific laws.

    In relation to protecting celebrities interests';

    It is very sad the way some celebrities are talked about.

    I am offended deeply at cyber bullying and I see that in schools and universities there is usually some form of protection against this.

    For celebrities who is their to protect them from this?
    Please can we just stop cyber-bullying, no matter how popular it is or how famous the person you are slandering is, it is still bullying.

    I am very very enlivened to hear that celebrities such as Jennifer Gardner have taken the initiative of creating new laws to protect their children from the obvious harshness and un-healthiness of media over-exposure.

    I agree that something needs to be done to protect children and young people from the internet. Celebrities who feel they have no form of protection (that we would usually get from educational establishments or from an employer) may have to create their own laws for protection.

    Ask yourself as a non-famous person, would you really like that much media attention? Would you not want a law protecting you?
    Cara Redhead

  • Princess Diana is a perfect reason why Celebrities should be protected too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whether they are entertainers or royalty...They are still people who deserve protection from crazy people like the paparazzi. Princess Diana's tragic car accident angered me because her death could have been avoided. Just because someone chooses a profession that naturally has a lot of media attention does not mean that it is okay to run them down with cameras and harass them.

  • Yes, celebrities deserve privacy too.

    Celebrities are all just people with desirable professions that are exploited by the media. All celebrities are normal people who usually just want to live their lives in peace. Most of them probably don't want to be photographed every time they leave their homes. They have families and children who deserve to live their lives without being constantly stalked and pestered by paparazzi. The actors and singers and artists that everyone obsess over have their own lives. They're only famous because they are good at the art forms they love. So there is no point getting involved in their personal lives just because of their jobs.

  • Celebrities are people, just like us.

    All they want to do is sing, act or do whatever it happens to be that makes them happy. They don't want people following them around everyday. I'm pretty sure that the majority of them don't want their personal lives spread out for the American public. Nobody else wants to be hounded and stalked by groups of people with cameras, recorders and microphones for most of their life.

  • Yes, laws should be created specifically to protect the interests of celebrities because all people, whether celebrities or not, should have the same rights to privacy and freedom from libel.

    I think it is horrible that teen stars, in particular, have all of their growing pains broadcast to the public view. I may or may not like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato, for example, but it's none of my business whether they do drugs, dirty dance, or have other problems. I may not agree with their behavior, or want them to be my children's role models, but all of us make mistakes. All of us are entitled to the same space for working out how to solve our problems, without the peanut gallery cheering or jeering for us. We should treat celebrities with the same respect for privacy we would want to be treated with.

    Posted by: GiganticDonnie66
  • I think because of the sensitive nature of celebrities, laws should be made to protect them.

    Everyone has seen all over the news, reports of celebrities lashing out on paparazzi for invading their privacy, personal space, and in some cases, endangering them. There are also regular people out there who become so consumed in the idea of certain celebrities that they will stalk them, this can be very scary and dangerous. I believe there should be special laws out there for celebrities and their families privacy and protection.

    Posted by: baranokonrei
  • YES

    celebrties should get speical treatment

  • I support laws being created to protect the interests of celebrities, because the paparazzi are stalking them trying to get photos.

    All the paparazzi care about are getting their photos. They get paid more the shoot a picture of the celebrity acting foolish are getting mad, so they will try to provoke them. Paparazzi always get in their way and are surrounding their vehicles when they are trying to drive. Keep them 10 feet away from the celebrities at all times, and keep them from standing on the road. This will allow the celebrities some space, while still allowing the paparazzi to get their photos and talk to the celebrities.

    Posted by: labusy
  • There should be equal justice for everyone, celebrities included, as they are citizens bound by the law, as well.

    If we, as a society, create a separate justice or laws for celebrities, we are giving them a green light to do as they please. Celebrities have jobs, just like everyone else, and it is just more public than many. If we were to enact laws that offered stiffer penalties for those who would prey on celebrities, that is one thing, but setting a different standard of law for them is not justified.

    Posted by: ObedientMervin
  • No, we have enough laws.

    We have enough laws to protect celebrities, they don't need more. We have privacy laws, stalking laws, and theft laws. We really don't need more laws, the ones we have cover everything as it is. What we could use is some basic rules about etiquette and decency and then maybe people will back off the celebrities, if it becomes inappropriate to hound them.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • I disagree because laws should be equal and common to all.

    I totally disagree that laws should be created to specifically protect the interests of celebrities. A nation's laws should be equal to all. Just because they are celebrities, they aren't be special. Also, doing so will cause serious problems and possibly abuse.

    Posted by: TmlxMor
  • I oppose any law that protects any particular group or sect.

    Laws and policies are meant to be for common good, there should be no law that has any preferences to any particular group or sect in the society. Law should be common for everyone, whether it is a celebrity or someone considered as a very important person or having higher status in the society by any means.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • Paparazzi is not bad for the celebrities because the paparazzi help the celebrities gain fame or even flunk their careers if they make a mistake.

    I believe that the paparazzi are not bad for the celebrities because the paparazzi use up their time to stalk the different actors and actresses, trying to get inside information about their life, etc. It is a good thing because it exposes some secret stuff about the celebrities making them more popular. However, they can also be bad because the paparazzi can get a huge secret which can screw up the celebrity's life and thus they will be infamous.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • Celebrities chose a life style of paparazzi and fame.

    Celebrities chose a life style of paparazzi and fame. Just because they might be rich and famous, doesn't mean they should get special attention and laws made to protect them. They accepted the life of a celebrity and now they have to deal with it. They knew that people would be in their business and that they would do anything to get pictures of them. This was there choice, and now that have to live with it.

  • Celebrities are not above the law.

    The same laws apply to everyone and that includes the famous. These people put their lives out there and then complain that their privacy is not respected, well maybe you should have thought of that before pursuing a career in entertainment.

  • Celebrities are not any more special than the average person, and it would be hard to define criteria that makes a person a celebrity, when trying to decide who to give special considerations to.

    Celebrities have enough advantages, without creating specific laws to grant them special protection. It would also be hard to decide who has the celebrity status to allow them such special protection. Celebrities have the means for them to hire people to protect them, if they feel they need it. It is not up to the citizens to provide entitlement to special protection for someone who chose the limelight and benefits from it.

    Posted by: DaffyRosario43
  • I would oppose any law like this, because it is wrong to give certain groups special privileges that are provided by tax dollars.

    I find this morally repulsive because, in order to make and enforce laws, you have to tax the citizens of the United States. And, with this law, only very few people would benefit from that service. It is the job of the celebrity to provide his or her own protection and, if they are a celebrity, they will more than likely have ample means to do so. We all have to make choices with our money.

    Posted by: BryanPeterson
  • Celebrities shouldn't come under different laws than others.

    There should be no special laws created to protect the interests of celebrities. Certain professions should not be subject to different laws. All people should have the same level of protection under the justice system. Perhaps in order to increase the level of protection for celebrities, the laws protecting people in general should be changed.

    Posted by: TedieDelight

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