Should laws be enacted for bullying over social network sites?

  • Cyber Bullying Needs To Be Addressed

    Since we have seen multiple teens commit suicide thanks to the tactics of cyber bullying we do need to enact some laws that would directly impact those who participate in this type of activity. Children who commit these types of acts should be permanently banned from some of these social websites, as well.

  • Maybe For The Youth

    Adults should be able to handle themselves if they know they are getting bullied on a social network sites. Kids however is a different story because they are not yet fully prepared to know how to handle certain situations. Some kids are better at than others. It is our obligation to take care of people who may be a bit physically or weaker minded. This way we can keep bulling to minimum and teach are kids how to handle these situations in the future, should they arise.

  • Laws Against Bullying on Social Media

    Without a doubt, laws should be enacted that penalize bullying over social networks. Minors especially should be targeted by these laws because online bullying is a worying and growing problem in the United States. Such laws should focus upon punishing people that think they can get away with bullying over the Web.

  • Yes, bullying is bullying.

    In today's world of cyber space, there is very little difference between the digital world and the physical world as they overlap. Someone who finds you on line and then threatens you is still threatening youu and there should be some sort of punishment for this terrifying type of activity.

  • Laws should be enacted for bullying over social network sites.

    There have been several high profile cases in the news about suicides instigated by online bullying. There should be a law to bring the perpetrators to justice, and also laws to protect innocent victims. People should not be able to send anonymous harassing messages on the Internet. Children's safety comes first.

  • Just turn off your phone

    As much as I don't like it, bullying exists, and is a part of life. It may be harmful now, but it teaches kids to stand up for themselves because they will have to deal with people like this when they are adults. Also, verbal bullying is technically protected under the 1st amendment. If you don't like what people are saying you can just block them or turn off your phone. I don't know why the government needs to regulate this. Stop sheltering kids because they're going to be screwed when they're adults.

  • No way !

    Because all you will have is everyone crying like pussies at every fat or nerd comment smh thats why all these entitled ass brats exist now. For every one kid that bullied to the edge there are thousands of others taking the little jokes and getting over it. Stop the pussified next generation!

  • No, bullying is a part of life.

    Bullying is a learning experience for children. It is part of the natural evolution of children as they learn and test boundaries while growing up. Internet bullying is a big joke to me. No physical harm can be done on a social network. Today's children need to stop being coddled and learn to deal with people that don't like them.

  • We don't need laws to control bullying over social network sites.

    The biggest problem with this idea of enacting laws is who gets to define when bullying begins? One person's idea of a joke could be another person's idea of being bullied. It's a very slippery slope where many would fall victim to the law itself becoming a virtual bully against free speech.

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