• Yes, there should be more laws regarding contingent attornies.

    I definitely think that there should be more laws in regards to contingency lawyers in America. I think that some of them are operating without much regulations and there should definitely be more restrictions to what they can do during some cases that they are involved with. I think this is something that would be fair.

  • Poor Can't Afford

    Because the poor are cut off from the judicial system in America thanks to high lawyer fees, I do believe we need to closely regulate contingent attorney fees. I think we have a case where people have entered this field, not out of interest, but with money on the mind. All people need to be able to access a lawyer, not just the wealthy.

  • Yes, contingent fees are out of control.

    Something definitely needs to be done to regulate contingent attorney fees. We passed laws to stop predatory lending. Now we need to make new laws to address and regulate the exorbitant amounts that attorneys receive in contingency fees from a successful lawsuit. Attorneys usually require you to give them thirty percent of your settlement as their fee if they win your lawsuit for you. I think attorneys have gotten completely out of hand when it comes to contingency fees.

  • Lawyers are dishonest.

    Yes, laws should be enacted to more closely regulate contingent attorney fees, because most attorneys are not honest. Attorneys do not care about their clients, and they just want to make a living. Attorneys have to be regulated, because otherwise they will just walk all over their clients and take their money.

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