• Yes it should

    It should because it ruins people's lives as it kicks and forces them out of their houses into lower income houses which is very bad and they come overcrowded which makes the residents feel uncomfortable and upset because it has worried them that so many strangers are living with them

  • Laws should be passed to limit gentrification

    Laws should be passed to limit gentrification because of the potential harm that could happen to lower income residents of an area after it has been gentrified. Gentrification always seems like a great idea at first, while an area is being renovated but it is devastating to a community when all it's original residents can not longer afford to live there.

  • Yes, laws should be passed to limit gentrification.

    Gentrification is often in the best interest of businesses and land owners in downtown areas. However, it adversely effects tenants and other stakeholders that will no longer be able to afford the now sky-high rents that will be commanded. Because the people that are adversely effected by gentrification are generally politically weak and the people who will benefit from gentrification are politically powerful, state or federal laws are necessary to limit gentrification.

  • Gentrification helps towns and cities

    Gentrification is actually something that helps towns and cities. There is not statistical proof that it actually forces migration of older, poorer citizens, and the increased economic activity actually boosts the availability of government protections and services for everyone involved in the community. Gentrification should be aided by laws, not restricted

  • No They Shouldn't

    I honestly don't understand why gentrification is looked at in a bad way. I believe the people that are dislocated are dislocated due to the fact that they don't own their own property. If they did own property in these neighborhoods then they would be benefiting because the improvement to the neighborhood would increase their property value. When you rent property there's no guarantee that it will be available to you forever. Property owners have a right to do what they want with their property and they should maintain those freedoms. I do not believe laws should be passed to limit gentrification.

  • It is a natural phenomena

    Even if laws where passed to support limiting gentrification, it would seem to have very little effect because gentrification is natural. I believe that if there were instances of deliberate, harmful gentrification then current laws should be used to prosecute the individuals, but there is no need to take things further.

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