• It is good

    If you donate you will save about eight peoples lives. I still have thirty-six more words left so I will just say how helpful organ donation. Its helpful, its very gross though Even if you dont donate you should. This is hard to stall only four more words needed. Nevermind.

  • I absolutely agree.

    Well, people should choose to join in saving millions of lives of dying people. You may like to join, but many others would still disagree. How would the country provide organs then to those in need?! Thus, we should help to decrease the number of those in need by telling people who need organs to donate their organs after their death. This puts no cargo on the donors' lives but could save many others'. If you disagree, put yourself in place of that in need of an organ and you will feel the necessity of laws of that kind.

  • Be with donation

    It Depends On The Persons Soul That Say To Be With Or Against Donation. I Think That If The Person Donates His/Her Organs Then God Will Give Them A Chance To Be Saved When They Are In Great Need .Therefore Support Donation And Be With It .I Came To Know About This When I Did A Project On This Issue

  • It could save lives!!!

    Encouraging organ donation is not the same as requiring it. Making people more aware of organ donation and informing of the positive effects would not harm anyone who wishes not to donate. It would only open the doors for more people who are willing to donate. This could save many lives, maybe even yours!

  • Yes yes yes

    I would say that organ donation needs to be encouraged as people still have many misconceptions about the procedure. Most of this stems from the fact that organ donation in the old days was a complicated and painful procedure, often only used as a last resort. The government should help spread awareness about the procedure involved in donation

  • With Presumed Consent and Tax Cuts, No Requirements

    In many cases people don't want to budge and make a decision, so in countries where you have to actively opt out not to be a donor most people are on the organ donor registry, in countries where you have to opt in most people are not. We should make it so to not be an organ donor you need to opt out. We should also offer tax cuts, financial aid, scholarships, even business subsidies to people who join the organ donor list.

  • Yes

    Virtually every survey done across the United States shows that 90 percent or more of Americans support organ donation. Considering “presumed consent” as a viable option is a natural extension of that logic.Multilingual education in communities lacking access to computers or English media would have to take place. There would need to be multiple types of outlets for opting out, including at social service agencies, schools, D.M.V.’s, places of worship and online. We would have to pay special attention to communities who may have broad concerns about donation.

  • Encourage? Yes. Require? No.

    Organ donation is a good thing that benefits many people. As such, it should be encouraged. Those who do not want to donate their organs should not be forced to do so, or punished for not wanting to do so, but that doesn't mean that it is unreasonable for there to be incentives for those who do wish to donate their organs. Favoring those who do donate while not punishing those who don't seems to be most fair and productive.

  • Donation is a great thing but shouldn't be required

    Donation of organs can help save hundreds if not thousands of lives regularly so I fully believe everyone should donate their organs. However I think it's completely unfair to encourage or enforce people to donate if they do not want to. Some people have strict religious beliefs which would prohibit them from doing so, other people just may not want their body cut open even after death. They shouldn't be forced to do so.

    Posted by: jus
  • Not government's domain

    NO, government should not encourgae organ donation. This is the decision of the individual person, and should not be influenced by government officials. There is no law requiring this, and so should not be influenced one way or the other. This might be the equivalent of the government suggesting which religion you follow or what state you live in. It should be available and easy to do, but not labelled with a positive or negative.

  • No, laws shouldn't dictate organ donation

    I do not feel that laws should encourage organ donation. While organ donation is a noble and selfless act that should be encouraged, it is not the role of the federal and state legislatures to enact laws that factor into peoples' personal decisions about what they wish to do with their bodies.

  • You should get the choice

    Laws should not force you to give away parts of your body. If you want to donate your organs when you die, that is great, but it should be optional like it is now. Maybe they should compensate your family for donating, it would get more donations and less rights violations.

  • Organ donation is a personal choice

    There are many reasons to not become an organ donor. Organ donations have to be taken from a dead or near dead body. There have been reports over the years to nurses and hospitals not trying as hard as they could to save someone, just so they can harvest the organs.

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