Should laws prohibiting marijuana use be relaxed?

  • Decriminalize Marijuana Please

    Marijuana helps so many people with cancer and other sicknesses. My mother is a disabled woman whose only help or relief was marijuana and now the government is popping drug tests on her and not giving her the amount of medications she would need to not be in pain constantly. She needs marijuana. A lot of people do.

  • It's a non-addictive drug.

    Studies have shown how marijuana is not an addictive drug physically. Granted, you can crave the drug, but there is so little withdrawal from not having it that you can't even notice the symptoms. Plus, the government has no good reason why marijuana is banned. It's all because of the movie Reefer Madness. - Garzevogghg

  • Marijuana is borderline harmless.

    I do feel that the law is a little too strict with Marijuana use. I completely understand jobs wanting absolutely nothing to do with it; but, when you hear stories about people getting throw in jail for the simple use of it, but there are still murders and rapists out there on the street, it goes to show how much effort is put into cracking down on pot. There is so much more in the world that one could be doing besides smoking weed.

  • Yes, laws prohibiting marijuana use should ease up.

    Yes, marijuana use should not have laws as strict as they are. I personally believe that such laws are not needed in our society today. With many states allowing the use of the substance, I feel the laws should be relaxed and people should be allowed to use it as they please. It is a natural plant, after-all, and I think the government trying to profit from it and place people in jail over it is complete insanity. I feel if it does not harm anyone, leave them alone.

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