Should laws regulate the layout of college websites for convenience

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Layout should be easy to navigate without making a mistake

    For instance there is a college website I saw where you can click "Manage My Waitlist" and then on that webpage you don't just get the option of managing the waitlist. Below it you can drop sections you are already in. This is a redundant feature since there is another link to "Register/Drop Sections".

    This makes it very easy if you are waitlisted and decide you don't want to be on a waitlist for a class anymore to accidentally drop a class you are already registered in.

    Who ever came up with that layout is a complete idiot. Laws should prevent these things. People have a right to navigable websites when the websites are for public institutions.

  • Bizarre solution - no.

    I have been in IT for... Well for a very long time now. Back in my youth, we used dial-in systems called "BBSs". One, "Major BBS[1]", was so common I could run the keystrokes to navigate without looking at the menus.

    One day as I was looking for patches on a vendor website, I said in aggravation, "everyone should just run MBBS for downloads and be done with it!". Well, that was frustration speaking, and I can understand that. However, if you look at the link, you may notice something. The interface SUCKS!

    Saying that, saying what I did, is saying that the pinnacle of interface design was reached in 1985. The way sites/applications are designed is always growing. Some interfaces work better than others, they get wider adoption, others are discarded. Some interfaces work better for some users, other another. Finding the right fit is difficult, but attempting to say "stop! This one is the only one we will use" is counter productive.


    Posted by: TBR
  • Hu? You want government to run websites?

    If your college is to stupid to set up a website, then why would you want to go there in the first place. The problem isn't the website, it's you. Also, there government can't run anything. Do you watch the news, ever? You need to stop spending the taxpayers money on an Edu that isn't going to help you and go back to grade school! WOW

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