• Lawyers should make more money than Nurses.

    Lawyers have stress to you know with the right evidence or wrong the case could go any direction. Lawyers go through intense schooling and have to gather a lot of evidence. Plus most people look up their diagnoses online. Also a lawyer can charge on how much they want. Nurses just had doctors tools and send them back to classrooms.

  • Lawyers deserve higher salaries.

    Yes nurses and doctors have to deal with high stress jobs, but lawyers had to pay a high price for their college degree. Also lawyers can set their own wages. Some may say that since there are several different levels of nursing that changing salaries would be wrong. In argument sake for that the nurses pay should depend on the rank of nursing.

  • Law Degrees Cost More Money

    Lawyers can set their own wages based upon the services they provide. Like it or not, a law degree costs more to get than a nursing degree. Therefore, lawyers should be paid more. Is nursing a more valuable service to the public? Yes. Ideally, those people who provide services to the masses such as nurses, teachers, doctors, police, firemen and EMTs should be paid more because they have high-stress jobs. However, lawyers pay a lot of money for their fancy degrees and they can set their own wages. The other aforementioned occupations are generally hired by companies who set their own wages. An individual nurse can create his/her own agency and then charge whatever he/she wishes at that point.

  • Nurses Save Lives

    During a lot of American wars, nurses saved the lives of many soldiers. They supported our country in many ways.Without them, what would kids do when they didn't feel good during class? Who would make sure they were okay? Yes, lawyers put the right people where they are supposed to be, but do they save lives? They do not.

  • Nurses save lives

    Nurses save a lot more lives than lawyers so they should get a much higher wage than lawyers, although lawyers can save lives, nurses have to be constantly working to help people, including mentally challenged patients. Therefore, I think that nurses work much harder than lawyers, who just yell: "objection!" all day long, although that can be tiring.

  • Fields Aren't Comparable

    I do not believe the field of nursing and the field of law can honestly be compared in such a fashion. For one thing, there are several different levels of nursing which require various amounts of schooling. So there are several different types of nurses, some may be paid more than lawyers.

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