• If they were true, It's a different story

    Every single politician will have a campaign promise and video. These videos are filled with lies and they suck you into voting for them. When they become Primister/president they make up excuses for why they don't do the things they do. For an example, People promise a train that goes straight to the airport- that was said over 10 years ago and no sign of construction has happened.

  • Attitudes Reflect Leadership

    The attitude of a state or country often reflects its leadership. Our leaders are human, but they should be held to a higher standard in an elected society. They work for the public and are paid by taxpayers. The current mayor of Toronto is one way in which a leader seems to be controversial in nature even though he is still in power. What standards are being adhered to in the Toronto mayor's office when the leader admits to taking drugs and shows off his party-like attitude?

  • Yes, as leaders they should be true to their word.

    Many leaders are given a pass when they are hypocrites either because they are otherwise well liked, or because people are unwilling/unable to criticize or defy them. When you are a leader you have many lives on your hands, and so should be held to a standard higher than if you were responsible only for yourself. It is similar to being a parent.

  • Black lives matter

    Niggz be crazy so why the fuck we be fucking with these bitch ass dictators who do shit but trying to kill people who fuck with them an they only usb gun i just a walks up to and says he would fight with his fist not with his shoot medictator

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