Should leaders of the African American community denounce the actions of the 3 boys who shot the Aussie baseballer Christopher Lane as a hate crime?

Should leaders of the African American community denounce the actions of the 3 boys who shot the Aussie baseballer Christopher Lane as a hate crime?
  • Right after white people apologize for slavery.

    If we are going to be in the business of making people apologize for what their anscesters did, how about white Americans start by apologizing for slavery? You logic goes both ways. If I hear one more this skin color should apologize for debate, I will go nucking futs. We are all one human race.

  • Letter to those who think this crime was okay:

    I hate to say it but here it is - don't expect me to cry when somebody else is a victim of a "hate crime", when if it happens to someone like me it's "payback". Excuse me, what have I or any other White person you see on the street ever done to you personally? What am I supposed to think when things like what happened to this poor kid are less horrible than what happens to somebody else because my ancestors did this and that. Hey, guess what, most of our ancestors fought in the Civil War to get rid of slavery (1)! But let's not think of them, especially the ones that died so you could be free, because then you would have no excuse for being a hateful racist drama-queen.


  • Yes, this is a total double standard...

    The NAACP and the leaders of the African American community threw racism at George Zimmerman when there was NO evidence to support racism. In this case with the Australian Baseball player, one of the killers posted that he thinks 90% of white people are nasty and that he hated them and the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and President Obama have said nothing. Neither has MSNBC or CNN. This is an obvious hate crime if there ever was one and the media will continue to ignore it because it is Black on White crime. The major media outlets have ignored a countless number of Black on White crimes starting with the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by four African American males and one female. We have this case with the baseball player, the old man nicknamed "shorty" in Washington state, and most recently the old couple that was killed in Oklahoma by an African American man. This double standard is what is driving racism in this country today. If blacks really believe there is still racism in America today, maybe they need to start looking in the mirror.

  • Double standards need to stop, hate crimes against Caucasians are hate crimes too

    Leaders of every race and creed need to recognize all hate crimes, not just those perpetrated against those of similar skin color or beliefs. The killing of Christopher Lane was supposedly "out of boredom" but it's difficult to think there was not an element of racism and hate involved based on social media evidence of James Francis Jr. Tweeting and facebook posts that says he hated white people.

    Although the driver of the car was white (and the other two boys black), that doesn't mean that he too wasn't racist against his own race. That happens often enough

  • The murderers did show evidence of prejudice.

    One of the boys who killed this Australian baseball player did show evidence of prejudice on his social media account. I think this incident as well as the Trayvon Martin case should be labeled as hate crimes as ethnicity has been shown to play a big part in both the cases.

  • Yes, Will they? No.

    Should they yes but will they? Not a chance in hell. For them this is "pay back" for trayvon. For one of the kids that was his motive for beating up white people as evident in his tweets. If they acknowledged this incident then they'd be obligated to acknowledge all of them. ANd lets face, that's physically impossible because events like this one literally happen every day across the country. The media and the "white guilt" crowd will continue to stick their heads in the sand while whites are keep getting killed at the hands of racist blacks.

  • No suggestion of racial animus

    In the Trayvon Martin case, there were strong suggestions, both through historical precedent and in the actions of accused, Zimmerman, that the entire encounter occurred in significant part because of the differing races of the two parties. There is no such accusation or inference to be drawn here of similarity in that regard. Christopher Lane was not TARGETED BECAUSE OF HIS RACE ( I apologize for the caps but i want to emphasize that point).
    The history of the South, including Florida (see Rosewood Massacre), is full of instances of whites or those considered racial cousins (Spanish Creoles, French Creoles, Protestant Irish, etc), targeting people of African decent with discrimination and violence, with few documented instances of the reverse.
    There is no reason for any leaders of the African-American community to apologize or make a statement except for a general denunciation of violence without comment to the race of the individuals involved.

  • That is not their responsibility.

    Supporting race tribalism by asking the "black community" (whatever that is) to apologize for something they did not do, or to speculate on motives they cannot be certain about, is asinine. While there is good evidence to believe that this awful tragedy was a hate crime, asking the entirety of black people to form tribe so they can collectively apologize is the essence of vicarious redemption, and it is immoral.

  • Who is responsible?

    When Muslim terrorist blow things up there is always a cry from the community for moderate Muslim's to denounce it. As soothing this may be for the masses, I have never seen the need for people who had nothing to do with the crime to speak out against it in an effort to assuage the fears of the masses. This is truly a tragedy. Yet, It is no ones responsibility to speak out on behalf of a whole race. Think of the absurdity of condoning every crime that is committed in this country. It totally sucks what happened though

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Anonymous says2013-08-24T00:22:09.567
Other than the fact that one of the three black teens was white, the accused arrested and charged immediately and were not given an escorted tour of the police station with "attaboys" at the end for SYG, the two cases are identical. Yes, the black leaders are racist not to have a million man march