• It's her life

    She was raised as a Scientologist, and most of us don't know much about the rather mysterious cult-like church. With all major organized religions, there is often a less savory side of their history, and it seems Scientology is no different. Remini grew to realize that the church was not for her and that it took her away from her family. I'm not sure she's exposing secrets as much as relating her experiences and how they changed her life.

  • See Something, Say Something

    Yes, Leah Remini should expose the secrets of Scientology that she feels are dangerous or pose a threat to those who might become involved with the group. Anyone with that type of knowledge should share it for the benefit of others. However, secrets shouldn't be revealed simply for the purposes of scandal and gossip. That benefits no one.

  • No, she is brave

    All scientology policy on dealing with public relations assumes that scientology is doing no wrong and has nothing to hide. And the foundation of everything is that what is good for scientology is what is right. Attacking an “enemy” (anyone who dares to say anything scientology doesn’t like) by any means possible, whether it is lying about them or using information told to the church in confidence is justified.

  • No, enough publicity has been given to this religion already.

    Scientology as a religion has been a topic of discussion for many years. It seems to be a religion for the elite, rich and famous. We live in a country where freedom to worship any religion is allowed, so exposing secrets about a religion that does not affect that average person seems to be a mute point.

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