Should learning a musical instrument be compulsory?

  • Music helps you get smarter/memory

    It helps you get smarter because you are all over the place learning instruments and the bands, Strings beats, Etc. Therefore i believe that playing a musical instrument can/ will help you get smarter. BTW it also helps you improve your memory because it makes you think and helps you to remember wherever your instrument strings are if you play a string instrument

  • Music good awesome

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  • It Is good

    Playing musical instruments relieves stress. When you play an instrument, It helps you practice mindfulness. Which is kind of like meditation, And it can relieve stress. Playing an instrument forces you to take time away from screens. Playing an instrument is a nice way to have fun while doing things that are good for your brain. When you play an instrument or go to a music class, It isn’t like math. In music there are endless possibilities and you can express your creativity. You probably didn’t know that playing an instrument has health benefits. Research has shown links between adults who play an instrument, And lower blood pressure, Lower stress levels, Decreased heart rate, And a reduction in anxiety and depression. “There is also increasing evidence that making music enhances the immunological response, Which enables us to fight viruses better, ” Suzanne Hanser, Chair to the Music Therapy Department at the Berklee College of Music in Boston says. Researchers also have found that learning to play an instrument as a child can help protect you from dementia.

  • It Improves Brain Function

    Just thought I'd let you all know that yes, Playing a musical instrument is a fantastic way to express yourself in life and a great way to relax. However, For those of you on the No side, It's not a waste of time even if you don't want to do it because it engages every single part of your brain. Now, You might be thinking, So does doing a math problem, . . . NOPE. There's nothing more challenging for your brain than playing a musical instrument. This means that playing a musical instrument is the equivalent of a full body workout for your brain. Therefore, The more you play an instrument the stronger your brain gets and the better it functions. So, Regardless of whether you think it's a waste of time or not, If you played one as a child, You probably would have done better in school.

  • It helps your body!

    I am in band myself, And I do know that I can be hard at the beckoning but its fun music that you can show to your friends! It makes your brain smarter, You'll have fun trust me. It also helps kids in the hospital gain memory and it can help mathematics!

  • It is fun

    It's fun, And It increases mental capacities (makes you smarter), And increases your memory. I hope this was helpful to you and you decide to go into music. Many places are looking for musicians, So that might be a nice career, Plus you get paid tons of money. Love it <3

  • Significant Life Skill Development

    In the public school system, There should be mandatory music classes with even a simple instrument: the recorder. More is great, But minimum teaching notes and a few songs. Just a year or two. In the world of instant gratification, Children need to learn from a young age that sometimes patience and intense work are necessary to achieve your goals. This can affect the later years significantly. Imparting the ability to persevere and overcome challenges instead of just giving up.

  • Music is amazing!

    Music is such a beautiful way of expressing yourself. If you are every stressed out or need to relax, music is a great way of doing so. There are different types of music for every situation. Music can be used as a way to keep going through tough situations and help everyone to enjoy life!

  • Music can become something bigger

    Music builds patience, creativity, memory, confidence, and can relieve stress. A Psychologist called Michael Jolkovski once said,'' It (music) can satisfy the need to unwind from the worries of life.........It makes people more alive and connected with one another.'' Even people who have played an instrument in the past, still could be using the same skills they learned when playing an instrument from even years before.

  • L say NO

    Parents have to pay money for their kids to go to music lesson and kids will have to get pulled ot of school just to practice their music lesson when they can be studying maths, science, HSIE and many more. These are my reasons why l think kids shouldn't get music lessons

  • Let's face it. Why should anyone force anyone to learn music?

    How productive is music to this society? I believe something should be compulsory only when you can't live without it. My life is perfectly normal for the past 24 years but I don't know how to play any music instrument. Forcing me to learn something I'm not interested in will just intervene with my normal life.

  • Not Everyone is Musically Inclined

    Not everyone should be required to learn a musical instrument because not everyone is musically inclined. Forcing an instrument upon someone is an unnecessary burdern that could provide no benefits to certain people. Therefore, only people that truly desire to learn a musical instrument should pick one up in today's world.

  • What's the point?

    What if we learned to play an instrument? How will that help us? Also, We would be stuck on learning how to play the piano instead of learning moral education or math.

    If you didnt responce
    maloum mera chicha kon hain?
    Thank you for listening now bye please Answer = No

  • Stupid some could not be good

    Not every person can play a instrument and some can't even afford and they could want to do art but are forced to do music also if they don't try they won't get the benefits that they could get if they do something they want to do and get the same skills.

  • Because just why

    Why do we need to learn its just a waste of time. When can be doing a lot of other thing at school. And music class is alot of money that what I hate and its bad for the enviroment, Cutting down trees for our music such a waste of time.

  • Encouraged, But not compulsory!

    I took guitar lessons for a number of years at my parents' insistence. They thought that I should learn jazz guitar. I HATED IT! I wanted to play piano, Or clarinet, But they insisted that, Because a guitar teacher lived next door, That is what I should learn. I wanted to learn to play some basic rock and roll, Folk, Etc. , But was forbidden to waste my time. I was allowed to buy an electric guitar, But never an amplifier. As soon as I could, I quit.

    In college, I picked up an acoustic guitar and started learning to play what I wanted. Amazing how quickly I not only picked it up, But actually enjoyed it. Unfortunately, Due to problems with my hands, I can no longer play as well, But I still enjoy it.

    Encourage music, But allow your child to explore different instruments. No one should be forced. Pick up something like a recorder, Or an inexpensive flute, Keyboard, Etc. Music is best when first considered to be "play. " Otherwise it's just drudgery. And as they say: "We don't work music; we play music! "

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  • NO spells no

    I don’t think that learning an insrument should be compulsory because children should do it out of enjoyment and if they don’t want to play then you shouldn’t make them because they probably won’t continue went they get older so what is the point in forcing them now? That is why I don’t see the point

  • Not at all

    If a student doesn't want to practice music, why force them? If a kid is interested in engineering or chemistry, why slow their studies with the unimportance if learning something like a trumpet? Studies have shown that a kid would learn better when learning music. But after further studies were conducted the same kids tested scored the same on a real life iq test and some even lower. I'm surprised this argument is even an argument due to the stupidity of forcing a kid to do something they're NOT INTERESTED IN.

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