Should learning an instrument in schools be compulsory?

Asked by: orang
  • It lightens academic pressure and provides leisure for children

    I think learning an instrument should be compulsory in schools.
    This can be considered as an educational activity as well as a recreational activity.Further hidden talents can be brought to light if children are given an opportunity to learn instruments in school itself.The talented students thereby have a chance to excel in that field and maybe choose it as a career later.For the other students too it is in no way a loss.
    Our society can have excellent musicians too(besides doctors and engineers) in this way. :)

  • Yes this should be needed

    Learning to play an instrument can help with social skills, help their brain develop more. You could say that some kids might not like it, but most kids don’t like math or language arts even though it helps them in the long run. Also students would be able to choose their instrument, whether it be a string percussion or woodwind or brass.

  • Helps with brain development

    Students can be grow intellectually and musically due to playing an instrument. Learning or playing an instrument uses both sides of the brain, cognitive functions as well as various areas of the brain region. WIth this use of assorted areas of the brain, there is dramatic increase in brain development meaning that students can become smarter. It can also increase memory capacity. With this, students can use these skills in the classroom or an exam.

  • Fun to do

    Learning and instrument helps students learn. Your child will be treated with respect and awe. Learning how to play an instrument can improve hand-eye coordination and is also just fun to do. Your child should have the chance to play their favorite songs on an instrument and be exposed to music.

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  • Not in schools:

    Parents are responsible for this kind of thing. Hosting extracurricular activities and opportunities is one thing but enforcing them is a whole new level of totalitarian control that cannot be accepted let along propagated no matter how positive it could be. The school system is not a parent and should not make parental decisions.

  • A useless distraction

    Schools are for the purpose of teaching children the skills they will need after graduation. No matter if they continue to college or just enter the workforce, these are things that will be needed. Not only for college courses, work tasks, but also for their life at home.
    Some may argue that playing sports, taking art or learning an instrument could lead to a high paying job career. Though this could happen, the odds are slim to none. You may have a better chance at winning the lottery than to become a famous musician.
    If the child wants to learn an instrument and their parents can afford lessons, then fine, but I do not see why the tax payers should have to pay for a child's slim chance at fame.
    You can be a functional member of society without learning things like the clarinet, you can't without leaning things like math.

  • Nobody wants to be forced to do something

    Some people dislike playing instruments, some suck at it and some just like to listen to them, but forcing students to learn an instrument can potentially make a student who likes it change their mind. For the people who are dedicated to music, they will find the students who don't like playing instruments annoying and rude. Plus how would a large school be able to afford and instrument to every student?

  • No. Students should learn what makes them grow as a person.

    A child should be able to do what makes him or her grow as a student. That may not be learning an instrument but picking up a paintbrush, fixing an engine, or playing sports. We are all different and should learn what we learn best. Learning an instrument should not be compulsory.

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  • Different interests among different kids.

    Although some children have a keen interest in learning an instrument at a young age it is not for everyone. What is a point in forcing a child to learn an instrument if they have no interest in it? It is a waste of time, money and more than likely no progress will be made with the child, musically or mentally.

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