• Learning is a life-long process

    It is my opinion that learning should be treated as a life-long process. I feel that human beings who live healthy normal lives are always learning something formally or informally. The learning process does not stop after formal education ends, and treating this process as a life-long process is very much appropriate.

  • Life-long Learning Makes Life More Enjoyable

    We make it a point to exercise our bodies throughout our lives so that when we are older, our body can still function in a decent condition. We should treat our brains no differently. Education should not stop on your last day of school, but should be a constant process to keep your mind sharp later in life.

  • Learning should be treated as a life long process

    A person encounters new situations, new facts, and new arguments throughout their life. Learning is a matter of being able to investigate and process information for the sake of making rational and informed decisions. Since there is always something new coming into a persons life, it would not make sense to stop learning at some point and just work with the knowledge and information you gained up to that point. The best approach is to learn something new when you encounter something new. Since this is going to happen to you your entire life, learning should be a life long process. Otherwise you are literally acting based on preconceived ideas, which might work sometimes but not always. You can't avoid learning, so you should see it as a process and engage in it your whole life with enthusiasm.

  • Learning should be treated as a long-life process

    Learning should be treated as a long-life process. From the day you are born to the day you die, people will still be engaged in the learning process. Even as I am writing this opinion, I am learning things I never knew. So yes, learning is a long-life process and will not end until you die, and it should be treated that way. Our minds should always be open to new ideas and what others have to say.

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