Should Lebron James leave the Cavs again in 2018?

  • He will 'Definitely' leave

    Although Cavs got some young players before Playoff like Jordan Clackson, Larry Nance Jr. Their defensive rating has not increased that much. If Lebron James were five years younger, he would be well in defense as well as in offense. However, he is considered as old player right now. Showing an incredible performance in 10 or 20 games does not make him young and his impact on the game has been decreasing. He is still one of the best players in NBA and maybe the second best player in NBA history. The only thing he needs is the ring of Championship. Go to other team and collect more rings

  • Lebron should leave the Cavs.

    If he is the "GOAT" then why not leave to help another team to win championship. Like the 76ers and the Lakers who both are in a big rebuilding process. Joining the 76ers who have people like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid who are a big part of this process. He already brought one to Cleveland why not Los Angeles or Philidelpha.

  • He won Cleveland a championship. He owes them nothing anymore.

    It is no secret that Lebron and Dan Gilbert don't get along very well. The core Lebron has around him now isn't great and it doesn't have that much potential to get better. Lebron's team was better last year than it was this year, and the Warriors kicked some ass last year. If Lebron wants another championship, he needs a stronger crew. If the Rockets added Lebron, they would have a much better chance to win than this year's cavs team. The 76ers and even the Lakers have a brighter future than the Cavs rn. The Cavs also have the worst front office in between those 4 teams.

  • If he leaves , he is LeNope but not LeGoat .

    If Lebron leave the Cavs for the Worriors , then he will become KD 2.0. If you can't beat them, join them.This sentence is insane . So that's why KD will never be the GOAT .If Lebron stay in Clevland and he beats the Worriors , he is the GOAT. Like Jordon and Kobe , they didn't leave their team !

  • Cavs bull shit

    After the first season without Kyrie,CAVS nearly lost everything.LEBRON lonely faught for the winner.No one in the team could help him!!!!!!So he leaves CAVS is possible.He will come to 76er,I believe.He will play and make a incredible future of basketball with young players.Lebron the king now 76er. Good future,king James

  • The departure of LeBron will make the league boring.

    By producing a superteam with either the Sixers or Rockets will fuel the need for lower potential teams to tank. This makes the league rather uninteresting to watch as teams will be competing to LOSE against one another and the top six or so teams will demonstrate neither effort nor enthusiasm when playing against these weak teams.

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