• I want them to do it so the next generations can realize the onstage presence that they had and the chemistry is fine with Jason.

    I have followed the boys from the first album. I followed their ups and downs to the death of Bonham. I know how their music was influenced by the the ups and downs and tragedy and joys in their lives. As for milking money check these guy's net worth. It continues to grow without a tour. Did you see Robert tear up a 3oo mill check? Jimmy was a genius, Robert pushed the emotion, Jon the power, Jones always in the background on stage, but never let his ego break up the band, he became the greatest bass player ever. He had more influence than the kids these days know. Not to ramble on, no tour? Ok, older fans will explain it to the kids, the music will stand the test of time in the future.
    As will Paul McCartney's place in history. I do not understand why my dad loved Ray Charles music, I do now. It will sort it self out in time, by the way, Robert can still blast out, he just can not take off his shirt without some work. Check out his tour. Thanks, I understand what these guys did.

  • Sure, If They Want To

    The band is way past their prime, and it may just be an effort to milk money like most reunion tours are. However, if The Rolling Stones can do it, and don't see why it would be any different for Led Zeppelin. Plus, the band has fans now that weren't alive during their heyday.

    Posted by: rpr
  • They Really Should

    Led Zeppelin should do a reunion tour. They are the greatest band of all time and would sell out all of the venues very easily. The band still has a huge following so I think the tour would be a success. The fans want this so they should make it happen.

  • Led Zeppelin should not risk turning into a parody of themselves.

    Plant is still an interesting singer but can no longer handle the high notes; Bonham is dead and sans Bonham, it isn't quite the same; they were great magic...for their time. They risk becoming self-parodying dinosaurs like the Rolling Stones. Great rock 'n' roll bands require a sort of youthful, libidinous zeal; old men become a nostalgia act that tarnishes the original.

  • No reunion tour for Led Zeppelin.

    This band has seen better days. Their style is no longer in vogue and I do not see the allure of a possible reunion tour. Times have changed and the heavy sound has been replaced by modern groups such as Maroon 5. Maroon 5 is the epitome of great modern sounds.

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