• The best do not get hired

    People are not hired for their merits they are hired because of their looks. What socioeconomic benefits do you want to give when you want to cut health care, Education, And food benefits for low income families.
    Just listen to your half thought out excuses. Trump wants to gut education so he give huge contracts to a few people. You are forcing minorities into crime when you make them jobless uneducated and too poor to pay for health bills because the governments makes them sick. I hope God gives you the same mercy you heartless wolves have for them.

  • Yes read my arguments

    Most jobs provide you with onsite training. How many of you even needed a college education to even do your jobs. All of the good jobs are taken by whites. Go look at the high paying jobs with no real requirements and you can see that they are almost white people.
    Jobs that require actual expertise and higher education are always mixed.
    How can a city that is over 90% black have all of the high paying jobs belong to white people? Even professors did a test and found that having a name that sounded black would result in people not hiring them. They re-sent the SAME application and changed the name into a super white name like Taylor or Scott and they were hired.
    There is a double standard and ingrain belief system that black people are slow and lazy but I see white people slow on the job trying to add hours to get overtime.
    Racial quotas are made because you white people are not fair. The job recruiters are some of the worst people because the can choose who to hire on a whim. Even being a beautiful woman might mean that a female hr might not hire them because she is jealous of her.
    Then you people say you do not believe in quotas because it is not fair, When you do not even give black people a chance. Then you have white people that do not need to work and could do better things like travel or be with their families but instead want to work for more money. I knew a wealthy white guy that worked two part time jobs even though he retired early and always went on vacations.
    Tucker Carlson is a trust fund baby that could let someone else have his job, But the man likes being paid a few spare thousands to his million dollar inheritance. He could go online and give talks but he wants to occupy that job.
    You force black people and brown people into crime because they cannot get a job. You want them off welfare but at the same time you do not want to hire them. White people make their own problem.
    The racial quota is a way to ensure you white people stop cheating hard working people looking for jobs.

  • This is the worst possible course of action!

    By creating legislation that requires hiring certain amounts of people in certain races, discrimination will be set in stone for years to come. The only to end discrimination is to have no laws specifying any rules for any races. The idea of race needs to be completely eliminated from all matters of government. Creating racial quotas will guarantee that the best person for the job won't always be hired. It will also foster the idea of racial separation. If people start viewing each other based on the contents of their characters and of their intellects, and not by the color of their skin or their race, we might actually begin to have some true equality in this world.

  • This gets in the way

    Racial quotas are just another form of segregation and discrimination. It gets in the way of the hiring process by creating inefficiencies and failing to hire the best candidates. If anything, rather than focusing on hiring certain races, companies should focus on socio economic status so that they can make people better off.

  • No, i don't think legislation increasing racial quotas in hiring should be passed.

    I think any legislation that requires companies to employ certain numbers of certain races are a very bad idea in general, I think a company should feel free to be able to hire whoever they feel is the bit fit to the company regardless of what race they are and racial quotas make that more difficult.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe legislation should increase racial quotas in all hiring. The problem with this suggestion is the fact that all areas are not created equal. Some communities would not be able to meet federally established quotas because people of those races aren't living in their community. Each community is unique and holds a different percentage of people of different races. This is something that needs to be addressed at a local level, not a national level.

  • Not the best way

    Legislation like this is meant to make sure that minorities have just as much chance in the work place as their white counterparts. I do not think that this is the best way to achieve this. I think we should be focusing more on education for minorities at the earlier stages.

  • No, there shouldn't be racial quotas in the work place.

    There should not be a legislation that passes that requires a racial quota in the work place. I think that such a policy would be a bad thing. People should be hired due to their merits and qualifications, and not due to the color of their skin. I think the idea is a bad thing for America.

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