Should legislators be more concerned with higher corporate tax rates (yes) or creating jobs (no)?

  • Corporations Don't Care

    If we have learned anything, it is that corporations honestly don't care about their employees and some don't even care about their customers. I believe legislators should be more concerned with higher corporate tax rates. This way the government can continue to fund the social programs that the low-wage workers have to use. We need to stop doing favors for these corporations, they aren't helping anyone and they aren't creating any worthwhile jobs.

  • We need jobs.

    We need more jobs so that people aren't unemployed. Lowering corporate tax rates doesn't always create new jobs, or increase wages. It depends on the company policy and what they think is best. Many people, especially in more rural areas, are out of work. Making sure people are able to support themselves should be a goal.

  • Legislators should focus on jobs

    Lawmakers need to focus on jobs. I do not mean to suggest that matters of revenue collection are unimportant, just to say that the jobs issue is urgent. Employment is the best way of providing relief to those in need. I don't think higher corporate taxes and job creation are by any means exclusive.

  • It's not about punishment.

    No, legislators should not be more concerned with higher corporate tax rates rather than creating jobs, because legislators should not sit around and try to punish success by raising corporate tax rates. If corporate tax rates are raised, it will have the effect of decreasing jobs, because there will be fewer profits to hire them.

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