Should legislators who pass laws that are later decided to be unconstitutional be held accountable?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes! Legislatures who established the original injustice by allowing the law to become legal testimony should be held accountable.

    I strongly believe that if a legislator has worked to pass a law that another administration has overturned as being unconstitutional they should be held accountable for the injustice resulting to people because of their action. Not only should they totally retract their statement but also issue a formal apology to the people who were being subject to the discrimination caused by their action.

  • They are sworn to uphold the constitution.

    They are sworn to uphold the constitution. However, a lot of the constitution is up for interpretation. What one Supreme Court may find constitutional the next will strike down. If we do this, it will give the justices enormous influence over politics, which is a breach of seperation of powers and Checks and Balances.

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