• I believe they should.

    As I am a male and a huge fan of Lego's I find it hard to make a model set up that includes girls. I also this including women would prevent people from calling Lego a sexist company. I personally don't really have a problem with no having women though.

  • Yes, they should

    As a Father of two girls it was always hard when they were younger to find girls legos or ones they would want to build. Now that they are older I can see how much the company has grown and I think it is for the best. Girls like to build as much as boys so why not give them things to do they would like.

  • Yes, Lego toys should encourage more female users

    Lego blocks encourage children of all ages to dream, create and offer a challenge to young minds who love to play. The youngsters seen in the ads that use the toys are portrayed to be more towards boys than girls. In my opinion, there should be emphasis on offering up more opportunities for young girls to want to explore the Lego brand. Not only is it appealing to the female users, it would be advantageous for the company's sales too.

  • Yes, but while avoiding stereotypes

    LEGO for girls is great, but at this point a lot of LEGO marketed towards females follows a lot of gender stereotypes - dollhouses, items are pink, etc. Instead of creating more products that are stereotypically "female", LEGO should be more thoughtful in their product creation and create more unisex playsets like zoos and wildlife, or based on film franchises that are less "boyish" in their target audience.

  • Why does lego need to cater to any gender

    What happened to the days when toys didn't need to promote anything and lego was just bricks that you could build with. Just because the current agenda is feminist doesn't mean that we should put it in toys. As for those who are saying "Lego should create more franchises for girls",I am pretty sure there are a lot of girls who are into 'boyish' franchises.

    The reason why a lot of lego made for girls is pink is because that will sell amongst young girls. So overall lego shouldn't specifically cater towards girls in some sets.

  • Using your imagination

    Whatever happened to having Legos and using your imagination to create something? Who came along and said we have to make people build what we tell them, what the box of Legos came has to be? There was a time when Legos would come in a bucket and you built from there.

  • No, Lego does not need to create products to market as "girls only".

    I don't believe that it's necessary for Lego to create more products to market to females. Lego has been a household name for a very long time, encouraging creative play for children as they create new structures with the colorful blocks. The past and current play-sets have included setups for anything from pirates' ships to doctors' offices. I feel that it's important for females, specifically young females, to enjoy constructing these scenes. It has been my experience that marketing to females means adding more of the color pink and adding in the things that all girls are "supposed" to enjoy, like shopping, salon visits and carrying pets around in purses. Society will teach them these norms soon enough so I feel their childhood that includes playing with Lego toys should broaden their horizons buy letting them imagine a world of pirates and robots and seeing real professions like a doctor and veterinarian brought to life through play.

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