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  • Privacy over Persecution

    Employment can dictate a lot about people's lives. It controls out daily schedule, decides our monthly budget, chooses what we wear on a daily basis, etc. What we do for a living makes a lot of personal decisions for us. However, it does not decide what we do in the privacy of our own homes.

    Arthur was completely within her rights to take pictures in any condition she wishes and keep them on her personal devices. It is both her body and her device, and she is legally allowed to do whatever she wishes.

    As a society, I think we assume a reasonable amount of privacy with our devices. Though we have experienced exceptions such as theft, we have a general expectation of respect of our personal space. Most of us learned as children to stay out of mom's purse and drawers without asking and we carried those lessons into broader society.

    The fact a teenager went into her personal space and retrieved not only a private device but information off that device is the center issue here. If he had stolen her phone and publicised her social security number or something of that nature, there would be no question who was at fault here.

    If the teacher is the one punished in this situation the students learns that violating another human being is acceptable. Is that really the lesson you want to teach, here?

  • Only If the Kid Got Expelled

    I don't condone Leigh Anne Arthur leaving her cellphone out where the kid could get access to it, or for that matter leaving it unlocked, but why was she punished and not the kid. She didn't hand this phone to the kid and showed them the photos. No, the kid took the phone and than stole the photos. Yes, she was negligent but why is the kid getting away with no punishment at all to my knowledge. All this does is tell the kid he can get away with such behavior which is wrong in itself.

  • Freedom of privacy

    Definitely not. Thats insane. To think someone could be fired over their private life which someone else leaked without their permission is absolutely ludicrous. That's equivalent to someone breaking into my house and taking pictures of my house and I and my boss then firing me for not having a good security system or he didn't like the way my house was arranged

  • You could argue that she should have minimized the risk of that happening by not having those photos on her phone, but...

    Was it a careless thing that she did leaving her phone out for someone to snatch it, yes. Does it mean that her, having private photos or private anything on there warrants it being her fault because they were there in the first place, heck no. That's like saying if you don't want people to steal things from you don't own anything or if you don't want to be killed kill yourself. I bet you the student isn't even going to get in trouble for doing something they had no business doing anyway.

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