• Yes, Lena Dunham should be allowed to vote.

    Yes, Lena Dunham should be allowed to vote. Every citizen of the country has a right to vote, regardless of their political opinion and views. This is one of the things that make the country great. If we start restricting who can and cannot vote, we no longer become a democratic country and should just cancel the voting system all together.

  • Yes, she should be allowed to vote

    Yes, I believe that she should be allowed to vote because everyone deserves a say in whatever political party is going on around where they live. Everyone is entitled to a say, even her. It would be unfair and biased to not give her a change along with everyone else.

  • Everyone has the right to vote

    The defining characteristic of a full and fair democracy is universal suffrage. No authority, least of all an elected government, should have the right to take a vote away from someone. Even convicted criminals retain the right to vote and abandoning this principle would shame America on the world stage.

  • I do believe she should be allowed to vote.

    If there is one thing in the word that I believe should be given to anyone, its the right to be a human, the right to vote. If we were deny her from voting we would be breaking every possible law we've ever created and would be completely disrespectful regardless of whatever situation she is in!

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