• It's the grossest disrespect to him to keep him embalmed.

    Lenin hated having a cult of personality built around him, He hated the idea of being worshipped as a god, And he had seen it, He would've hated being embalmed like some object to be goggled at. He isn't a museum piece, And we should respect his wish of a peaceful burial. We should bury him in 2024, 100 years after his death.

  • I love lenin

    We should bury vladimir (my good friend) because i love him so much hes such a nice man. I think the world would be so much better if we brought him back vladimir lenin is my best friend hes so nice i love lenin i love vladimir i love vladimir lenin

  • Everyone has a right to proper burrial.

    Everyone has the right to be burried. Sorry but the fact that Russia has him embalmed is terrible. If the decission was up to me then I would have him burried and then people could visit his grave or I'd make a muesam dedicated to him and I'd have a wax figure of him there.

  • We all live this life.

    Yes everyone should be entitled to be buried if they wanted to be and that is what they wanted. There is no reason to have someone on display like that unless they wanted to. But I cant see any problem with him being buried as its every person's right to do so.

  • Respect Lenin's Wishes

    Lenin was a brilliant if flawed statesman, a kind and caring man who got too caught up in ideals but had good intentions and who brought Russia into the modern age. And he even said he never wanted this sort of thing. He just wanted to be buried. We should honor his wishes.

  • I'm pretty sure he never wanted to be embalmed

    Lenin must have wanted to be buried and not be worshipped as a god, many russian people also think its time to bury him, like any other human should be buried and not embalmed, we shouldn't follow the ancient Egyptians, Lenin should be buried and not embalmed like a mummy.

  • Vladimir Illych Ulyanov obtained and signified free will.

    Communism is seen as the enemy, hatred, famine, subordinate, but there is more than just equal living and such. To people nowadays if you want so0mething you personally have to earn it unlike communism other people work by your side. If you ask the many people of Russia today what they'd prefer more than half would want communism. Ulyanov not only had thisinspiring idea brought down form Marx, he also had something that most leaders of today don't. Free will. The mass of you who wish to see Vladimir's body in a rut rather than perserved as an icon have no fee will. By being taught that second world communism is the enemy, your ideas are artificially manifested with yourself. You can argue this all you want, but you lack your own thoughts. Anyone wish to tell me what they are thinking without presenting ideas similair to any ingenious being im glad to have my mind stupefied. Vlad's sense of free will drove him to fight the Czar, that woukd be like someone such as I rebeling against my government and actually making a point. Innovating other minds; creating a new enviorment just as Ulyanov did.

  • It's a great monument

    While I am usually a strong advocate of reducing the land occupied by dead people. This is a special case I think because of his incredible, fame, significance as well as the fame and cultural significance of his tomb. It is unlikely lenin's tomb's restoration costs a significant amount compared with the tourism it inspires.

    I don't know any reason to believe Vladamir Lenin would have disliked being embalmed. The
    communist movement is heavily anit-religious and he likely did not have strong opinions about burial verses embalming. It is even possible he would be prefer to be embalmed to help keep his memory alive.

    Most people who are affected are better off so I propose we keep it.

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