• Yes, less money should be spent on defense

    While there is a fair argument to make in support of a large budget allocated towards defense, we have arrived at a point in time where our country should turn inwards and focus on our own needs. Infrastructure is crumbling in many areas, education needs to be a top priority, researching new energy resources, and investing in health care are areas where money is better spent.

  • Yes, less money should be spent on defense

    Less money should be spent on defense because we are at a time in which leaders are able to communicate and mediate on issues that may spark war. Money spent on defense can be put to better use in education, humanitarian efforts, and technology. Improving education in the long run can make the need for defense decline as people will be better educated on their society and the world.

  • We need more defence

    Our defense might one day fail from a secret attack and we really need more money spent on it so half of our taxes so we can always win yeahh we win isis lose wooohoooo i am awesome yes yes yes yes yes more money equals better defence ok bye

  • No, less money shouldn't be spent on defense.

    I do not believe that it would be a good idea for the United States of America to spend less on defense. I think the reason the U.S.A. continues to be the world power is because of our military force. The money spent on military spending is what encourages the technological advancements that our military has.

  • Defend the budget

    The country can barely keep the country safe as it is on the budget that we already have. I would hate to see the problems that we would have if the budget was decreased. If anything we should increase the budget and take away from other departments. Our defense is good but is not ideal and I understand that there is probably a lot of wasted money but if the budget is decreased then it is only a matter of time before the bad guys find the holes.

  • The best defense is the one you don't need to use.

    Defense spending is a necessary evil. Spend too wastefully, and society gains nothing by the spending, but spend to little and your defense force will need to be used more often. A society that spends more on defense and deters most attacks as well as negates most wars, is one that will be more peaceful and prosperous.

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