Should lesser-known college sports such as hockey and lacrosse be excluded from reports in newspapers and score tables?

  • Yes, lesser known college sports should be excluded from newspapers and score tables

    The age of the newspaper is slowly fading as newspaper sales fall year after year. Lesser known sports are less likely to be played by a large population that is also interested in keeping track of scores through newspapers. Newspapers can save money by consolidating their information. People who play lesser known sports likely have online access to game information.

  • Yes, newspapers cater to the casual reader

    Yes, I believe lesser-known college sports should be excluded from these reports. These reports cater to the casual, mainstream reader and have a limited amount of space. As this is the 21st century, these same reports and score tables could be expanded on in their online edition to include all sports the college provides. However, the point of newspaper reports is to efficiently inform the casual reader of events, and the dedicated fan of college hockey and lacrosse can investigate for himself.

  • Some people like reading them.

    Absolutely not, no. What would be the point of excluding them? It is not as if including them makes the newspapers more expensive, or that they take up space which could be used for something else. Some people must like reading them, so leave them in, and just ignore them if you are not interested in reading them.

  • Deserve A Spot

    I do not believe lesser-know college sports, such as hockey and lacrosse, should be excluded from reports in newspapers and score tables. Newspapers should want to report all of these scores so they are available to their readers. I don't understand why such a publication would want to leave out information that pertains to the local community.

  • No, any and all sports with head-line worthy stories should be included.

    No, all sports should have their moment of fame. Constantly hearing about the same group of sports becomes mundane. Including a little foreign sports here and there every now and again would help freshen things up. Also lesser-known sport athletes have just as much talent and potential as those that play well known sports.

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