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    Sgaihgps duihgip nasdp upasdbiiash dh a s aih di sia sid iha this is because when lessons are optional kids can truly fulfil their potential. If they cant they will become slackers like Kouros Shoja Assadi. Ooo ast asp soorat, ofeereen e conaastiamaki liovina constiloas, makah furosh neish korsj infamous.

  • I believe that lessons should be optional.

    I believe that all lessons in life should be purely an option of the person subjected to them. There are many people who will value a lesson, and that those who do not value lessons enough to choose to undertake them should not be required to experience them. This is at their own risk, but still should be their choice.

  • Subjects should not be optional.

    School is most definitely not an option and should not be optional. We all need that foundation level in which we will be able to support ourselves in the nearby future. Its important that we understand and know what we want to major in later. Which means we need to explore different aspects and try new things. The subjects that you could have hated once ago could now be that subject you have taken on in college. It is good to open up to new ideas and take in new things.

  • Lessons should not be optional.

    School is not optional because children need to learn skill in order to function in society. If people cannot get jobs when they grow up, they will not be able to support themselves. It's the responsibility of parents and the government to make sure that our children can one day become independent.

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