Should letter grades be turned into pass or fail?

  • Yes i agree

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  • Totally True for students

    Students that don't have all A's shouldn't feel as bad because they have 5 B's and 2 C's. Then their friends are bragging about having all A's. Whether they pass or fail is what matters eventually in the end. Also, if you have a handful of A's, you shouldn't think that you're smarter than someone else, you just have a higher intelligence level.

  • Totally not true, many who want to achieve, but can't or don't know how to do many assignments, they should be treated the same.

    Yes, letter grades should become pass/fail, due to the way that if effects a person/student. We got learn that pass/fail's higher criteria will boost many students mind as well as let them know that they did actually pass the assignment. Tell me do you really need the F and/or A?

  • That's completely false

    It'd be easier- you know what your stupid. It would be easier on teachers for grading and students. They don't have to think about if a C or a D is good or if they need to get better they just pass or fail its that easy so just shut up and deal with it

  • Are cute done

    I want to remain letter grades that's because letter grades are more acctuare that pass fail system and we want accurate results for students to be given good grades a 4 sometimes is 85%+ and A+ is 95%+ yes letter grades no 1-4 scale the passing grade is a c which makes students want to do hard work

  • No,not enough nuance in pass/fail.

    We have gone so far in trying to encourage self esteem that we have worked against ourselves. Someone who has done a lot of work in a subject area does not want to just see a pass or a fail. He or she wants to be credited with a nuanced grade that says how well they have done.

  • No, letter grades should remain letter grades.

    Letter grades should not be replaced by simple pass/fail grades. Letter grades give children and their parents more feedback, by creating a scale. If someone passes with D-level work and another person passes with A-level work, yet all they receive is a "pass" grade, neither one will be quite clear on how they were doing. Any scales, such as percentage grades or letter grades, are much better at giving a clear picture of how a student is doing in a course or subject. Lower grades can be an encouragement to study more; while high grades encourage and reward students who are excelling in subjects.

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