• Libby must be disbarred to maintain the integrity of lawyers

    Libby was caught in a political hot potato. He was convicted of lying to the grand jury regarding his role in releasing information about Valerie Plane, a CIA operative. While it is clear that the punishment for lying mandates disbarment, there is a larger question. One can only wonder who actually did what in this convoluted issue. Given that President Bush commuted Libby's sentence, I wonder if it was a payoff for being silent about the reality of the situation. The right to practice law has rules and consequences for breaking them. While I agree with the disbarment, it appears that he may have taken the fall and, in fact, may be one of the most moral of all the players.

  • Felony conviction should mean automatic disbarment.

    When Scooter Libby was convicted of his crimes, I think that he should have been disbarred. I also happen to think that whenever any attorney is convicted of a felony, being disbarred should happen automatically. The state bar associations make a lot of noise about upholding ethical standars, but they very rarely do so.

  • Lewis Libby Should not practice law if he cannot follow it.

    After being convicted of 4 felony's, Lewis Libby was no longer allowed to practice law in Washington DC. Why should he? He proved himself to be an enemy of the state. Why should the state continue to let him practice law when he obviously has no fear of breaking it. His knowledge of law opens his clients up to a slew of predatory law practices. A lawyer makes decisions and suggests courses of actions that should be in the best interest of the client. That is exactly what he was expected to do when serving in the US Government. He acted in his own interest instead.

  • He Was Disbarred

    I believe it was right for Lewis "Scotter" Libby to have be disbarred following his conviction. Given the crimes she was found guilty of, this was a fitting action. Of course there were probably many other crimes committed that he was not tried on, so the criminality probably runs deeper.

  • It went to honesty.

    Yes, Lewis Scooter Libby should have been disbarred following his conviction, because one of the critical points to being a lawyer is the ability to be honest and have candor towards the court. Since Libby could not be trusted with honesty after his position, he no longer served a purpose as a member of the bar.

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