• How dare they.

    Lexmark was entirely justified in letting its workers go. Someone can replace them easily enough. It is perfectly okay, because the workers were probably counting on the holidays to let them get away with it, too. Lemark will determine exactly what it pays its personnel, and nobody else should. Why? Lexmark is its own entity over there, and that means that they don't answer to American lawmakers.

  • Lexmark is an American company and should maintain a certain standard

    Companies from America should be held at a higher standard and should treat foreign workers with some semblance of respect. Companies that go abroad take advantage of looser government restrictions and then use the workers until they are weaned dry of any meaning of freedom or a liveble wage. Workers should feel priveleged or wanted by the company to continue working there, not feeling like they are enslaved with no other choice.

  • No, the raise they were requesting was not large enough to warrant being fired.

    Lexmark should not fire the workers in Mexico that went on strike in order to advocate for a $0.35 per hour raise. Lexmark is a large corporation that is benefiting from inexpensive labor, and the effect that the wage increase would have had on its overhead is not substantial enough to warrant firing 120 workers. These workers already live on extremely minimal wages, and most of these individuals are struggling to raise families on small salaries. Laying off 120 workers right before the holidays, when money is needed the most, is unethical and unwarranted on the part of Lexmark.

  • No, Lexmark should not fire workers who demand raises

    Lexmark should not fire workers who demand raises. The workers are likely underpaid as it is, and if they do a good job, they deserve to get a bit of a raise. Additionally, if Lexmark does not give raises, they may have a strike on their hands which would be much worse for business than a minuscule raise.

  • No, all workers should have the ability to negotiate wages.

    Laborers should be treated fairly for the work that they do, and that includes being compensated adequately. If a person feels he or she is not being paid adequately, he or she should have the right to ask for wage increases without fear of losing their job. It is unfair for the company not to consider the requests of their workers and to fire them for asking for higher wages.

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