• Everyone Deserves Equal Rights

    I believe LGBT marriages should be legal. I think it is wrong to deny people basic rights, including the right to marry. I think we spend far too much time judging each other and trying to make decisions for other people that don't even affect us individually. If two people chose to be together and they have a desire to marry, then they should be allowed to do just that.

  • Yes, marriage is for all people.

    Whenever two people love each other and want to be joined together legally as well as emotionally, they should be able to reap the benefits of marriage as well as its challenges and risks. There should be no state or federal law that prohibits this from happening because marriage is a cultural right.

  • Yes they should.

    Most of the people that are against gay marriage are either homophobic or religious extremists. A person's phobias should not dictate the law. Also, extremists should not be listened to either. If they had their way women would not be allowed to hold a job, and would have to obey their husband's every word. By law!

  • Gay Marriage is an Equal Right

    Gay marriage is an equal right for all Americans. The term "equal rights" is a guarantee stipulated in the U.S. Constitution, no exceptions. Equal rights extend to all citizens regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or socioeconomic status. A heterosexual homeless man has just as many rights as the richest gay billionaire in the America.

  • Yes, they should be

    Anybody making the "I'm not a bigot but" argument, yes, you are. You are saying that a group of people are legally inferior to you. That is discrimination. That is bigotry. Marriage equality doesn't hurt anybody, the only ones that it's going to negatively impact are hateful, backwards people and who cares if they're bothered by it?

  • LGBT marriages should be legal

    The time has come to separate historical religious beliefs from legal rulings. The concept of traditional marriage as being defined by gender can no longer be the description. Marriage has actually been based on the transfer or maintenance of property. To continue to maintain that marriage has to be a certain way because it has always been that way is not sufficient.

  • Legalize gay marriage

    If you love someone you should have the right to be with them, not matter there gender, the Gay's are exactly the same as non-Gay's, they have there own opinions and their own way of expressing their love to the same gender. If you love someone be with them, no matter their gender, you have the right to be married, why cant they.

  • First, we need to define "marriage"

    Marriage is an institution that has always come with terms and conditions. Everyone already has the right to marry, just not on their terms. Traditionally, the church or state have decided the terms. One of the terms was that the union was that of a man and woman.
    Since this view is currently being challenged, four questions need to be asked:
    What is marriage?
    Does marriage have a clear and distinct purpose in society?
    If so, what role should gender play, if any, in fulfilling this purpose?
    If not, why shouldn't other groups besides gays (polygamists, close relatives) be considered to have this right?

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